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  1. If there was any question as to whether or not Bobby Abreu is good, he answered it with that performance. 24 home runs in the first round is just sick — shattered the old record (15) for HR in a round.

  2. Those are fugly jerseys. They look like yam-flavored Gerber baby food. I have met perhaps 3 people in my short lifetime who look good in orange, and none of them are going to be on the field tomorrow.

    To let you all know how desperate I am, I found a copy of Moneyball at the library. If I successfully force myself through it without blowing circuitry in my brains, I’ll let you all know what I think.

  3. Jenny, Money Ball is a good book. It starts off slow, but I really got in to it after a few chapters.

  4. Is there some batting order listed somewhere? I want to go do something else until Andruw takes the plate.

  5. Yeah, the graphic they just put up shows him last. Time to go fix some pasta.


  6. Did anyone notice who was throwing out there? Yours truly. I’m auditioning for the closers role in Detroit. In case you also haven’t noticed, I haven’t walked anyone yet either.

  7. Well done Andruw. Don’t want him to participate any further as this contest will ruin his swing for at least one month!

  8. Good to hear it, Smitty. I’m on summer break, my brain has a hard time focusing on anything intellectual, and I think I’ll actually have to THINK to get through the book and understand it, but I’m giving it a go. I was surprised to see it on the shelf after we’d all been discussing it, and since I basically know nothing about Money Ball and so was reduced to posting lame remarks about Joe Morgan, it should be interesting.

  9. ‘Druw hit a couple of bombs, but there was no stopping Abreu today.

    Does anything better symbolize the history of the Devil Rays to date than taking Abreu in the expansion draft and then trading him for Kevin Stocker? They were idiot savants or something.

  10. The Phils don’t deserve that guy. The fans here have been obsessed with Thome ever since he got here and even criticize Abreu because he doesn’t have enough “hustle”. They feel he wimps out at the right field wall on long fly balls. He also walks more than half of the line up combined.

  11. I didn’t know,Andruw represent the Netherlands in the HOME RUN DERBY.Actually,it’s not important to me.YOU just BRAVES.And I think orange color does go with Andruw.The Natherlands is noted for its football,ORANGE ARMY. And moreover baseball.All of it in my memory is still shining in my heart.with the exception of just one.I felt inconvenience at that time;It’s not polite to stare such a lady.It was the same as Madrid.
    Anyway It is a pity to do that doesn’t record in DERBY WIN. He’s carried this team, BRAVES.It’s just amazing, of course I’m enjoying.
    Thank you Andruw..

  12. Too bad Abreu isn’t a Brave. He would be a great addition. Andruw blasted a couple of bombs but overall stunk it up but not as bad as Jason Bay.

  13. Hey he did win someone a car and hit a few of the money balls out. His hommers were the most productive!

    Jenny, I read Money Ball durring my summer break last year for the same reasons you are.

    Anybody think we will sign mike Stanton?

  14. One thing to remember when you read Moneyball is that Mike Lewis is an incredibly gifted storyteller, one of my favorites. This makes all of his books great reads (I think I like L*ar’s P*ker even more than Moneyball). However, he will occasionally refuse to allow details to get in the way of a good story. Just take everything he says with a grain of salt and remember what some aspiring sabermetricians forgot: Moneyball is just a book, not the Bible.

  15. For some reason my comment was “denied for questionable content” until I put the asterisks in “*iar’s *oker.” Weird, huh?

  16. I don’t think you’re going to strain yourself reading it, either. There isn’t a lot of complex analysis. It doesn’t require any more knowledge of statistics than The Insider required of growing, drying, treating and rolling tobacco into cigarettes. You know baseball in general more than enough to get through it easy. I have the attention span of a gnat, and it was a pretty fast read for me.

  17. mac…do you atleast like the sunday hats?….i love them:)

    andruw didnt do to well..but neither did chipper when he was in the derby…braves just arn’t meant for the derby i guess….hah

  18. Braves Rule, That’s why I was wanting to nickname him OrangeDruw. Mr. NL works for me, as well. While we’re talking about great Dutch athletes, two words, Ernesto Hoost!

    jared, I think the Sunday hats are just plain ugly. Too much going on to be a good design for a ball cap. The “A” is classy on its own. I will say, though, that it is better than the pink hats they sell.

  19. Despite the two-run HR to give the NL its only two runs so far, it’ll still somehow be Andruw’s fault if we lose the World Series due to not having home field advantage.

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