32 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: July 10, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Rafael Furcal on fire!!!

    It’s raining cats and dogs.Tonight I can’t sleep at all.Survive all perils please, dear Mac.

  2. Damn, that was good, but I leave the palce for an hour and we get shelled. At least we’ve done pretty well against Ohka in the past – and I still hold a grudge about him hitting Andruw.

  3. If BP says Chipper has a leaden glove, what must they think of Marte now? When was the last time the Braves had 3 errors in a game? Disgraceful.

  4. Once again, my worst fears are realized, and the unbroken string of countries that show professional US wrestling continues.

  5. Gameday is claiming an injury delay. Did Reitsma take a comeback liner or something?

  6. Marte had two fly-outs that were both very close to being homers. I’m encouraged, at least.

  7. Lerew is pitching in the futures game on ESPN right now. Well he just finished the second, so maybe he’s done. The game’s worth watching anyway.

  8. Early, but Marte had his moments today.

    I’d still trade him. But that is just me.

  9. Oh, and from what I heard and saw Reitsma just took a ball off his side.

    X-Rays came back negative (ribs)

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