Game Thread: July 7, Cubs at Braves, Game 2

Lest I forget. Francoeur will make his major league debut, though it’s not clear yet if he’ll replace Langerhans or Johnson. Some media types have said Bobby “backtracked” in starting Francoeur tonight after first saying he’d make his first start tomorrow, but it’s obvious that it’s because of the double-header. It’s pretty standard for Bobby to make a couple of lineup changes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Orr got a start tonight as well.

Not to mention that it’s probably the pettiest criticism I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Agreed.

    I mean, they are going to criticize Cox over THAT but where is the criticism of SENILE Frank Robinson and his lunatic/umpire rants?

  2. I’m sure Orr will get a start, but if Furcal’s knee is still bothering him, it would make sense to let Betemit play short and Orr play third. Otherwise, Orr should start for Betemit who has definitely cooled off.

  3. Lineup:


    And, yes, Jenny, Orr is at third.

  4. I’m not sure that’s a good idea, because Orr looked pretty shaky there his last go-round, but then you don’t expect many shots to third off of Smoltz.

  5. Francoeur may have already been on the roster. But even if he wasn’t, there was an open slot already.

  6. Francoeur may have already been on the roster. But even if he wasn’t, there was an open slot already.

    No, the Braves purchased his contract. I guess it had to be an open roster spot, but I can’t remember who was released or DFAed to open the spot.

  7. Yeah, I think those are the spots left open since we released Martin and Mondesi…

  8. I’m not sure either. At one point, I think there were two open spots… although this was a while back. Maybe they didn’t add anybody when Mondesi and then Greisinger were dumped, and had only added one (McCann?) before last night. At the time, they just needed each off the 25-man. My memory is being tested, and I almost always fail when that happens ;)

  9. Is there another Francoeur or something? Gameday lists him as “Francoeur, J” on the diagram. There are 2 Gileses, but you don’t see them listing a “Giles, M” or anything. Who’s the other Francoeur?

  10. Just took him a while to shake the rust off his swing (at least I’m sure that’s what he’s been telling anyone who’ll listen… plus a few who won’t).

  11. I’m on Gameday and all I saw was that he lined out to the pitcher. Sorry. But he did get picked off earlier, so I’m not too friendly right now.

  12. Chipper said something on the website about this kid being “overanxious.” Hope he didn’t spend too long figuring THAT one out.

  13. And Furcal wasted it. Typical.

    Good lord are you picky. He only hit the cover off the damn thing.

  14. Did you see my previous post? I’m on Gameday. I can’t tell how hard he hit it.

  15. For those without TV, Greisinger to Korea is the move that made room for Francoeur.

  16. You probably know that it’s on TBS and have some reason you can’t watch (blackout, etc.) But in case you don’t, well, it’s on TBS.

  17. But did they have to do that? I didn’t think they ever put Greisinger back on the roster. But maybe the did.

  18. Joey beat me to it…why did they let Greisinger go?


    Whew, had to get it out of my system.

  19. By the way, Orr has lookmed smooth defensively tonight. Just FYI.




  21. Betemit is cold right now and if Furcal stays hot, then Betemit will naturally work himself back to the bench when Chipper is back.

    I think what it means is that Furcal likely stays a Brave through 2005 season but after this season, he’s still likely a goner since I feel good about Betemit long term.

  22. Yes, Joey, indeed. What a waste. We bunted so he could get a BASE HIT to score Orr, not a home run. Nice way to ruin Bobby’s strategy, Furcal.

  23. Ok…did anyone else just see Derrek Lee make fun of the tomahawk chop and Greg Maddux look like he had indigestion sitting NEXT to Lee?

    Funny stuff.

  24. Greg, like most of us, probably thinks the chop is lame and outdated; especially since he’s now off the Braves.

    Still, he was smart not to openly diss us on TBS because we showed him love.

    Nice hitting, Marcus.

  25. In our scheme to drive Cubs fans slowly insane, the idea to let Jose Macias get two hits of Smoltz thus insuring Dusty we’ll play him every day for a few weeks is an especially devious trick.

    And yikes, we are going to need more runs now.

  26. Smoltz looks awful since the HR.

    Fortunately, he drew Corey Patterson: Pitching Cure

  27. Yeah, I don’t know what the Braves were thinking.

    Actually, I do know. They needed a 4th OF and had run out of options.

    How much to 4th OFs cost? They can’t be that expensive. There has to be another way to do this.

  28. I guess it depends on whether or not you buy the Jordan injury. I’m kinda leaning towards not totally buying it. And I don’t imagine they really think Francoeur is ready. I think (hope) something has to be in the works, but apparently it wasn’t Jay Payton.

  29. Any suggestions as to who ELSE we should use? He hasn’t been any worse than anybody else lately.

    Reitsma. Just answered my own question.

  30. Was that an error or something? According to Gameday, it was a sac bunt for McCann, but he’s not out, so how is it a sacrifice?

  31. I told my brother he could have the Internet when the game was over. That was at 5-4. There are still no outs. I may have to shift that a bit…Go Pete!

  32. I like our offense so much that I am going tosay this again, I really don’t think we need to trade for any further offensive help.

  33. I like our offense so much that I am going tosay this again, I really don’t think we need to trade for any further offensive help Yeah, I think that’s actually been appearant for a few weeks now, atleast in my mind. Especially with Furcal coming around.

  34. No arguments here. It has been inconsistent at times, but it’s definitely there. And with Chipper coming back, it can only get better.

    The bullpen is another story.

  35. Thanks, Mac. I am taping it, so I’ll watch tomorrow, but could someone just tell me what happened on that play? Because it really mattered.

  36. Somebody in their Date of Dusty’s Firing betting pool picked July 12th as their date. Prize is 6-packs of beer from all the losers, to be handed over outside the stadium at a set date b/w 1-3 PM. Care to join it?

  37. The poor pitiful Marlins. They win today and lose a 1/2 game on the Braves. Life is good.

  38. We are red hot without Chipper, Hampton, Hudson and Thomson, who could have imagine…

  39. Kolb was warming up with Reitsma. What’s the over/under on the number of runs that had to be scored before they felt comfortable bringing Danny in?

  40. No, not an impressive list. It’s not much of a sign that he hit his first HR already… but it sure was nice. And, hey, he’s got enough talent to light it up. He just doesn’t appear ready to use it. It’ll be fun to find out, though.

    I like our offense, too. I worry about the bench part. I’m not going to stop unless Francoeur decides to impersonate Miguel Cabrera (and he may), but it doesn’t keep me awake at night.

  41. I’m telling you (ok, I’m just making a baseless guess), the next step is for Kolb to pitch in a game Smoltz started and we’re winning. I guess they aren’t ready for that just yet. But as soon as you see that, and if he succeeds, well there’s your sign.

  42. I feel like a proud papa watching Francour have that special moment in front of family & friends.

  43. Honestly, I don’t think Francoeur is ready as well (at least another year away). However, he is still a lot better than Jordan!!!

  44. Kolb here. Another day, another 2 wins against the hapless Cubs. This time next week I’ll be living large in Beantown. They are more desperate for a closer than I am for a save.
    Of course, they got nothing to give us, save for the some items a week or so ago.

    I guess I’ll go hang out at Wendy’s until they find me a place to go.

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