Francoeur called up?

On the forums, they’re saying that Jordan was put on the DL and Jeff Francoeur called up from AA. No news reports on the net as yet.

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  1. My mother’s cousin’s first aunt’s nephew said Kolb was DFAed for Joey Devine.

  2. It’s on Rotoworld now…

    Brian Jordan – OF – ATL

    Braves placed outfielder Brian Jordan on the 15-day disabled list with inflammation in his left knee.
    Not much of a loss. Jordan is still probably the Braves’ best choice to play right field against lefties, but at least he won’t take any playing time away from Ryan Langerhans versus righties while he’s on the disabled list. Jeff Francoeur will fill in for him for the next couple of weeks. Jul. 6 – 7:37 pm et

    Jeff Francoeur – OF – ATL

    Braves purchased the contract of outfielder Jeff Francoeur from Double-A Mississippi.
    Francoeur isn’t ready now, but since the Triple-A outfielders have been disappointments, the Braves are calling him up anyway. The 21-year-old was hitting .275/.322/.487 with 13 HR, 62 RBI, 76/21 K/BB and 13 SB in 335 AB for Mississippi. Expect him to start versus lefties and sit against most righties while he spends the next couple of weeks in the majors. That shouldn’t give him much fantasy value.

  3. That would be almost as authoritative as a unsourced report on :)

    Does Billy (uh, I mean Bill) McCarthy not bat right handed? Maybe they don’t want to over-expose him since he’s potentially trade bait… but Francoeur isn’t anywhere near ready.

  4. I guess they are not going to stop until the entire top ten prospect list is on the active roster.

    Here is one question I have. It was brought to my attention recently that Langerhans is hitting in the high .300’s vs. lefties and .220 vs. righties. Is Francouer going to play vs. lefties as Rotoworld is saying. Why play Francouer when Langerhans is hitting lefties so well.

  5. but since the Triple-A outfielders have been disappointments

    Wow – league average or better performance from two AAA callups is “disappointing? Tough crowd.

  6. I think they’re referring to the ones still at AAA. Barnes is hitting .281/.322/.371. McCarthy is hitting .226/.296/.340. Snead is hitting .241/.350 /.320, which is actually about what you’d expect from him.

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