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  1. “After this play, the flood?” Either Babelfish got it wrong or else I am too stupid to understand symbolism. Anyway, I hope the Braves win this one 1-0. Good luck to Mad Dog, better luck to Colon…

  2. Oh, sorry I missed that- I am out here in Phoenix, the thought of rain rarely crosses my mind.

  3. Thank God Derrek Lee is “slumping.” Of course, his AL clone, Brian Roberts, struck out 4 times today. Not that it mattered.

  4. Waste of a stolen base. Oh, well, at least he doesn’t have to move during the break.

  5. Feel free to start any time, Jenny.

    Maybe he’ll name his son Namor in his honor. Got a nice ring to it. What do you guys think?

  6. I (used to) read comic books, but none of his. Just looked it up. My reference was intended to be Garciaparra’s name. Oh, well; maybe Brad Clontz will name his kid Namor.

  7. Namor Clontz? Oh, man. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Well, maybe I would.

    I’m waiting for an opportune moment to start my Roman Empire jokes. Feel free to chip in with ideas!

  8. Namor Bradford? Namor Tekulve? Namor Quisenberry? Namor Kim? I’m struggling here.

  9. Furcal’s short foray into the world of hitting has apparently resulted in a hasty retreat. How about trying KJ at leadoff just for kicks?

  10. Note for Jared the Subway Guy: Chicken doesn’t really have a taste. That’s why people say things “taste like chicken” — because they’re bland. And that’s why you batter and deep-fry chicken, because that makes it yummy.

  11. Mad Dog can still field his position. Did anyone see the backwards Ks? I finally turned on mlb.tv at work, not looking forward to the metro ride home. Transferring lines after peak hours is always a huge pain.

  12. Someone on the Primer thread suggested that Ramon Colon reminded them of a medical condition. I thought it sounded like a singularly unappealing flavor of instant noodles.

  13. You mean the questionable calls on the corners? All the pitches I’ve seen so far have been kosher, but I missed the three looking strikeouts in the 2nd.

  14. This Maddux thing isn’t nearly as fun from the other side.

    Indeed. Home plate umpire Troy Fullwood seems to be enamored in the Greg Maddux experience.

  15. And there it is. There’s a reason Maddux’s ERA is approaching five this season.

  16. Truthfully, he does have to pitch another 81 innings for the next year to vest.

  17. Since the Nats are owned by the other teams, why can’t Time Warner cut their budget, too?

  18. Here, the video was pulled for a 50 CENT “THE CANDYSHOP” FREE RINGTONE ad.

    I’d opt for Travis Tritt over hearing a crappy ringtone over and over again for 60 seconds. I felt like I was being brainwashed.

  19. Stu Klitenic has just decreed that the Nat’s run differential is meaningless because they “just have a knack for winning”. Sports radio makes me want to jab a knitting needle in my ears.

  20. Exactly, somebody jinxed this (Mac!). I think it’ll be called. Oh, well, we’ll get a win, won’t we?

  21. Too bad the game isn’t on TBS…I’m missing my dose of World’s Most Dangerous Car Chases and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Oh well, at least I’m getting lessons in French (Is that still allowed?).

  22. I think they said on TV they’d resume the game in a few minutes. I think they said 20 minutes, and it was about 15 minutes ago they said it.

    I’m not sure, as I unmuted the TV in the middle of Chip’s statement. I’m pretty sure the game’s going to resume some time in the next quarter hour or so.

  23. Now they’re taking the tarp off, and Chip’s saying 20 or 25 minutes more. So, they’ll probably start back up near the end of The Daily Show.

  24. If this was ANYONE but the Cubs or the Red Sox LOSING, this f*ng game would have been called. It’s BS posturing.

  25. The rain delay has been going for over 2 hours. CALL the game. You have a clear cut victory for the Braves. If we lose this damned game, I will be pissed.

  26. From the “map in motion” on weather.com it looks like it is going to keep raining too.

  27. Is this an epidemic or something? Does anyone remember the game last year with the 3.5 hour rain delay that started at 10:55 PM? It was totally ridiculous. And the game at RFK (not a Braves game) that went on so long the field was wetter than Lake Huron and Frank Robinson got tossed for arguing that the game should be called because it was dangerous? The only time I’ve ever agreed with him. What is the umpires’ fear of calling a game? I say force them to watch the rain delay programming. That’ll get them to call it quick!

    And we’re underway. Go Braves. This is stupid.

  28. Is Chip going out of his way to appear nice to the Cubs or is it me?? They fired you dude…

    The rain delay wasn’t that bad.. Erin Haney is hot!!!!

  29. Yes she is. The BBQ show wasn’t bad either.Chip is just being a true professional. Not saying anything is the most effective way to say something in many cases. Good for him.

  30. We had a game a week ago that started about that late after a rain delay — the Florida fiasco. The umpires didn’t get to make that call, though.

  31. did it start raining again? why is my CBS Sportsline still in between innings.


  32. Here’s the current radar link. Looks like it is fizzling out. I’d say it was the right call by officials.

  33. And we’re now assured of at least a split. I couldn’t see the game but hey, we won! If one of our guys had gotten injured in this slop, I would have cleaned out my cats’ litter box and sent the contents to MLB via FedEx…

  34. I think I see an Ark in the lake in right field.

    Nice win tonight!!!!!! All you Colon haters he’s showing us something, you have to admit.

  35. I am a Colon hater…in the pen. As a starter, we may have something here.

    The problem? Hampton and Hudson will be back soon.

  36. So, if the Braves could only face a rotation say of Maddux-Glavine-Millwood-Marquis-Russ Ortiz-Jaret Wright-Schmidt and any other EX Braves starter, we’d never lose!!!

  37. I never realized that, Alex…interesting that they all suck against us now. Maybe because we know them too well? I don’t know. As for Hampton and Hudson coming back, why can’t we drop HoRam? He’s been pretty bad.

  38. The one I believe they would try to lose is Hampton(if there’s any takers) because his salary is going to be very high pretty soon. Mac, is it next year the Braves start paying the brunt of his contract?

  39. I think so. Supposedly, the Braves put money in escrow to spread out the cost of his contract, but I don’t know that that’s really true.

  40. Hampton’s only braves contract (except oter options)
    6years : $48,500,000
    2006 : $16,000,00 (ATL $13,500,000)
    2007 : $17,000,000 (ATL $14,500,000)
    2008 : $17,500,000 (ATL $15,000,000)
    2009 : team option $20,000,000 or buyout $,6,000,000


    ATL : 6yeaars $48,500,000

  41. There is Hampton’s contract (only ATL, except other options)
    ATL : 6yrs $48,500,000
    2003 :$ 13,500,000(ATL $2,000,000)
    2004 : $14,500,000 (ATL $2,000,000)
    2005 : $15,000,000 (ATL $1,500,000)
    2006 : $16,000,000 (ATL $13,500,000)
    2007 : $17,000,000 (ATL $14,500,000)
    2008 : $17,500,000 (ATL $ 15,000,000)
    2009 : team option $20,000,000 or buyout $6,000,000

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