Game Thread: June 30, Braves at Marlins

Converted reliever making second major league start versus guy just off the DL. Just what you need the day after going thirteen.

UPDATE: They’re going to try to play this stupid thing. Unless this game is very fast, which I doubt, I will recap in the morning, unless it is cancelled, which is should be, because it’s still raining. Jackass Marlins.

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  1. You mean, assuming it ever starts raining… and then stops. It’s delayed due to the anticipation of rain. Which I guess shows the appropraite level of confidence in their grounds crew.

  2. in todd jones marlins blog, he discusses the change in the atmosphere,the change in the scenery, and the increase in attendance at the ted. i have not been to a game this year, but will be going soon. is there a significant difference in the atmosphere at the ballgames this year? also, does anyone know the average attendance from last year compared to this year’s attendance? thanks

  3. Well I am finally in the country to see a game on tv, stuck in a suburban DC hotel with the choice of Applebee’s or Friday’s for dinner, and now the stupid game is delayed for at least another 30 min. This blows.

  4. New rule: if it’s the last game of the series, and you’re coming back there again later in the season, and the game’s been delayed two hours, call it. And charge the home team for the extra day you had to stay in the hotel because they were stupid enough to schedule the game at night.

  5. Attendance . . . Even if its not statistically different. It would still end up being about 80,000 extra tickets sold. At $20 pop, that’s an extra $1.6 million.

    I’d take it.

  6. I mean it, this is legitimately offensive. The Marlins are playing games with the rules by starting this game instead of calling it. I only hope that the only players who get hurt are theirs.

  7. I don’t even understand why they would do it. It’s not like the have attendance issues and can’t afford to have a double header down the road. It just doesn’t make sense to force this game.

  8. Well, if they can get five innings in they don’t have to issue rain checks for this game and can pocket their winnings. But I think it’s mostly gamesmanship and an attempt to screw with the Braves, who probably won’t be out of town until early morning and have to fly to Philadelphia.

  9. It would be nice to be up 2-1 after the fifth and it just POUR. It would be a nice way for the Marlins’ master plan to back-fire.

  10. I am in Columbia, Md. Just got back from Scotland last week, and headed out to Portugal the week after next. Nice – cheap run for the Marlins. Ouch 2 run shot on top of that.

  11. Well, so much for that idea. 3-0 Marlins. Skip’s right, “We need some rain.”

  12. And now Estrada is tossed. Maybe we should just concede now and save the stress on the bullpen.

  13. Estrada was ejected after something was said…the TBS announcers are saying it was along the lines of “show me up,” but it sounded much more vulgar to my ears when it came by (though admittedly, I wasn’t paying total attention to it, though you have to wonder why TBS wouldn’t play the sound back). There are going to be repercussions, and I’ve gotta agree that it’s likely not all Estrada. Bobby was furious, refused to leave for several minutes.

  14. Let’s see… They waited too long to stop the first game of the series. Then they did the same thing in the second game. Then they’ve already lost control of this game.

  15. Well, we don’t know what happened but thanks to an empty carvenous ballpark we know for sure that Estrada yelled “FUCK YOU” very loudly in the unpire’s face (I hope that’s ok since I’m quoting). It started with a bad call on what clearly was strike three where Estrada started to head to the dug out, but there didn’t seem to be a major argument at first. I guess they were jawing after getting back into position.

  16. They were talking about something else that was “show me up”, not what Estrada said. What Estrada said was quite clear, “F*** You.”

    Obviously that umpire said something he shouldn’t have. It’s time for the front office to get these damn rogue umpires on a leash.

  17. They did that, Grst… but then they let him take a job with the Padres. Didn’t take long to unravel, did it?

  18. I’m sorry if I sound immature, but that was pretty hilarious how quickly all of that happened, and the fact that “F— YOU” was soooo loudly heard. Estrada’s usually a pretty mild guy. I’ve never seen him get fired up like that during a game.

  19. No kidding Rob, that’s why I think the umpire must have said something completely out of line for Estrada to react like that.

  20. I really would like to know what the umpire said to get Johnny like that, something personal maybe?

  21. And why did Hampton get tossed? It didn’t seem like he did anything to warrant that. Is leaving the dugout if you are on the DL an automatic toss?

  22. Wouldn’t be the first time…. remember RObby Alomar when he was playing with the O’s… the spitting incident? That was a response to a racial slur from the ump.

  23. I was talking about Sandy Alderson. I believe that he was the one who had taken control of the umpires for MLB. And it really looked to me to be going fairly well for a while there. But he’s now the CEO of the Padres, and there seems to have a been a very quick return to guys having their “own strike zone” and again acting like people pay to see them.

  24. creynolds is right. I was studdying for a test and not paying attention when out of no where i hear “F*&k You!” and Rob is right, it was hilarious! Who is the worst Ump in all of baseball, my vote is CB Buckner.

  25. ..and yet there are so many to choose from – Tom Hallion, Bob Davidson, and the gone but not forgotten Eric Gregg all leap to mind. Bucknor sucks too.

  26. Thank creynolds, sounds like they need him back at his old post.

    urlhix, I think Hampton might have done some talking to the umpire too. They didn’t have the camera on him much, but when it was it looked to me like he might have been getting into it.

    Bobby was really pissed, I thought I lip read an “f*** you” from his mouth when he was back in the dugout refusing to leave. Seems to me it would take a lot to get Bobby going like that.

  27. I think the only time I can remember hearing anything like that from a player on the field was the occassional loud Maddux outburst after a pitch he didn’t like. You hear it from Cox sometimes with the way the mic the dugouts in Turner field (you gotta figure the guy in charge of muting that is busy, but I’ve never been able to hear a confrontation on the field like that. If I weren’t so pissed already I really would’ve enjoyed it. But even so, it was pretty funny.

  28. hmmmmmmmm… there’s really no way I’m going to watch all of this game anyway. And I do have HBO… hmmmmmmmm.

  29. Flipped back to the game to watch the end of the Braves fifth. I highly recommend HBO at this point.

  30. I don’t understand who you can be a terrible major league umpire. I’m an umpire, but I only do little league and high school. I’ve seen some terrible umpires at those levels, but I would think as you progress through college, then through the minor leagues that you would have to be a good umpire or not progress. A sink or swim type of deal…

  31. Everybody may not have seen this, but I hope we remember the throw Furcal just made to nail Castillo at the plate when we’re screaming for him to be traded for some Joe Borowski clone that’s only there because of expansion.

  32. you see. Thats what happens when you can catch the ball at home plate, unlike last night.

  33. I can’t sleep. Too angry.

    I don’t think that it works quite that way, Rob. At least, it didn’t twenty years ago and I haven’t heard that it’s changed. While umpires might have some experience calling amateur games, I believe that they’re all trained in one of the schools in Florida. (There may be only one now.) So rather than starting from the bottom, they start from the middle, in the minors. And they’re trained still by older umpires from the pre-Alderson era, for whom being right is less about making the right calls and more about not accepting that there is any legitimate POV in the world but their own.

    Then again, basketball referees do come up through the ranks and there are only about three good officials in the entire NBA.

  34. Well, the shows over, and the game is still on. Guess I’ll watch it. But I can tell you that Sunset Thomas can replace Tinker, Evers or Chance in the best DP combo of all time.

  35. I was at the hospital again when this happened but thanks to Tivo I was able to rewind back to where it happened. Estrada seemed very calm at first, going back into his crouch. You can hear someone with a dopey voice yell, “Don’t let him show you up, ump.” Something else is said, Estrada takes his mask off, turns around, and screams “F** YOU!” at the top of his lungs.

    Who knows what the ump said. Must have been pretty offensive.

  36. I was hoping someone, besides Raoul, had Tivo. It also looked to me on the latest replay that Estrada also said something to the effect of “You are a sick f***.” What do you think Kyle? He also said MF something but I couldn’t catch what was said before that.

  37. I can see the headline in the morning…”Braves designate Adam Bernero for assignment.”

  38. That was Bernero’s last chance by BC right there. More than likely/hopefully he will be gone tommorrow..

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