48 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 27, Braves at Marlins”

  1. They were talking about it on… PTI? Round the Horn? Some ESPN talking heads show earlier, about how Atlanta doesn’t have enough other pop in the lineup to justify anyone pitching to Andruw right now.

  2. It’s a fair enough argument, but if you put another hot hitter, maybe that guy Wilson something…, behind him, you could take advantage of both guys who are on a streak right now.

  3. Silliness. Andruw’s been great, but the rest of the team has been pretty good lately, too. They just don’t have the reputations. These are the same guys who were carrying on that Chipper didn’t have any help earlier this season.

  4. Silliness indeed, but I still have no idea why Betemit hits 7th or 8th. He must have really made Cox sore once upon a time.

  5. I’m sick and tired of this happening. How many times this year have the Braves had a pitcher have to pitch through a deluge and lose his control? I hate umpires.

  6. Walking the bases loaded to get to Delgado – this could get ugly. I guess he IS a double play candidate I suppose ;)

  7. 50 points of batting average above the average for 3b’s around the league. Almost 40 points higher than everyone else in the lineup today (and just shy of 100 points ahead of the leadoff hitter – .227 vs .322). OPS of a measly 1.009.

    Looks like a number 7 hitter to me, yup yup…

  8. Whats up with the game? Gamecast hasn’t updated in 15 minutes….rain delay? Sorry – I don’t get TSouth and Marlins games are blacked out on MLB extra Innings here in Florida.

  9. Cripes. MLB sure takes care of its audience.

    Ramirez got out of a bases-loaded jam in the bottom of the fifth. Marcus and Andruw got on with one out in the sixth but LaRoche hit into a DP. One out in the bottom of the sixth.

  10. Wow – I really don’t get that. Why would you think they would pitch to Langerhans?

  11. Thanks for the suggestion, Spike. CBS’s scoreboard blows ESPN away… and it also knows that it’s the 8th inning.

  12. I wondered how long it would take for teams to start pitching around Andruw. Hopefully LaRoche will make them pay.

  13. Are we going to bring in Julio to hit against the lefty? (I don’t have TV coverage.)

  14. That’s it, I’m changing my bookmark. The CBS Sportsline scoreboard kicks ass. It even tell you the kind of pitch. I don’t know if it’s accurate, but it’s still cool.

    Oh, and now I wish to kiss Julio on the mouth :)

  15. That’s what I’m talkin about.
    Oldest to hit a grand slam?
    Oldest brave to hit a GS since Sid Bream?

  16. The gamecast at MLB.com is the one I usually use for day games when I’m at work. It doesn’t give you the kind of pitch like CBS, but it’s closer to real time, and it’s flash, so there’s no slow reloading of the entire page.

  17. “Oldest brave to hit a GS since Sid Bream?”

    Oldest Brave ti hit a grand slam since Julio Franco.

  18. For those of you without TV coverage, I highly recommend the XM radio. the MLB coverage (every game) is outstanding along with the music.

  19. This is hilarious. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. They’re like a comedy act brought in for rain delay entertainment.

  20. Yeah, it’s a rain delay, featuring the most hilariously incompetent groundscrew this side of independent A ball.

    If the rain stops now, this game will be at least an hour starting back up. They’ll need to somehow drain Lake First Base.

  21. Jason-
    XM b’casts the home team radio signal, so I get Pete/Skip/Don etc when the Bravos are at home. Tonight I’ve got the Marlins squad. They’re fine. Though they keep trying to apologize for the comedy of errors out there trying yo cover the field.

  22. I’m going to sound like a broken record but if you’re out of market and are going to be on your computer anyway, I recommend the MLB Gameday Audio plan. It’s free if you try four free issues of SI (I cancelled mine before I even got them). It’s great — you get the WGST broadcast with the TBS guys. Much better than trying to decipher the sportsline or gamecast stuff.

  23. I need to do that. I keep reading you say that, then I forget when it counts. So don’t stop saying it… one day I’ll read it when I’m inclined to actually do something about it ;-)

    Although now seems like the perfect time, I probably still won’t. I am such a slacker that I even know when I’m about to do it.

    What were we talking about again?

  24. Dean/Bell Curve-
    Thanks. I’ve tried the mlb.tv (I have broadband at home) but the Fox Sports Net guys that come with it are humorless, ill-informed dolts with no discernable personality.

  25. I second the xm thing. I bought the portable xm2go just for the baseball games, but have ended up enjoying it for much more. Tons of different music channels, great talk radio, etc.

    It’s nice to be able to drive through San Diego traffic at 430pm PT and be able to listen to the Braves game, even if you do have to listen to the enemy broadcasters. For my money, the worst I’ve heard so far are the Pirates broadcasters. Those guys want to do a talk show, and interrupt it occasionally to let you know the game situation. Oh, and one of their radio guys is former Brave Bob Walk, if that tells you anything.

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