We’re cursed

Reports are that Tim Hudson will go on the DL, though nothing official has been released. Presumably Brower will take his place on the roster, with Vasquez or Boyer going down Saturday to make room for a replacement starter, probably Chuck James.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s official.

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  1. This team needs to play another series against the Nationals in Washington so they can be close to Walter Reed in case a few more of them decide to go down with injury.

  2. Davy,

    Won’t work–they’re closing Walter Reed. They are probably better off playing the O’s since they will be closer to Johns Hopkins.

  3. Don’t start. It’s a long season and none of our players have been told to shut it down this season. I’m sick of our fans throwing in the towel. We may be used to winning but that’s no excuse to call it a season.

    I know I’m not scared of any of the other NL East teams…

  4. I dont get the feeling its over yet, we’re not even to the all star break. If we are say, 10 out at the break, then yes, I might throw in the towel. I still get the feeling this team can break out of it, and thank god the rest of the NL East is crapola.

  5. But if I throw in the towel now, I’ll be that much happier if the team recovers and makes the postseason. You’d think that optimists would at least be able to see the positive side of pessimism: that you’re always happy to be wrong :)

  6. Interesting point. However, I think I will be just as happy when we win the division this year as you.

  7. BUT if you’re wrong, you’ll be less happy than if the pessimist is wrong.

    Seriously, though, I think there are still opportunities for improvement. And the competition isn’t so great. I kinda like the offense. I don’t think I would change anything there unless there was some way to get a hold of a real masher. But that seems incredibly unlikely. And this organization definitely has the chips to deal for a good starter. I haven’t given up on ending up with a decent-enough bullpen without giving up much in terms of talent or salary.

  8. How’s this for optimism? Think Miguel Cabrera (ca. 2003) x 7.

    Seriously, I think the kids can contend. And I really like the idea of Kelly Johnson leading off.

  9. So do I. Nobody else on the team right now shows more patience than KJ. Although Orr’s pretty damn good in the leadoff spot too. Anything’s better than Furcal right now. I think he’s injured right now, though, and we’re going to trade him and he’s going to get better. We have to get something substantial for him. It could really make the difference for the Big Club this year and in the long run.

  10. I would more than happy to settle for the wild card this year. Saying that I can’t remember ever getting such an epidemic of injuries during this 13 year run, at least we are getting them out of the way semi-early.

  11. Pete says that the plan is now to start Sosa and Davies on 3 days rest, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The off-day on Monday then allows everyone full rest. This strikes me as a very bad idea — Davies has had two bad starts in a row after throwing 119 pitches on June 4, and Sosa hasn’t been in starter shape. Why risk further injury for the dubious honor of keeping Boyer and Vasquez? Hopefully they’ll change their mind and bring up James instead.

  12. I sorta see the problem, though. The James transaction would be messy. There’s one open slot on the 40-man roster, and he would have to take it. That limits flexibility. Someone would have to go down if he came up, and that person wouldn’t be available for recall until 10 days had passed (unless there were yet another injury). There’s really not much left on the farm in terms of useable arms, and it’s nice to have the extra reliever up at this point. That extra guy also makes it easier to throw Sosa and Davies back out there on short rest… neither of whom threw a lot of pitches last time out. If there is reason to be optimistic about a Hampton return within the next week or so, this may not be such a bad way to play it.

  13. Marc, not to get off on a side note, but BRAC doesn’t happen overnight. It takes 3 to 6 years to close an installation or combine it.

  14. I just don’t think roster flexibility is paramount to the health of a 21-year-old highly touted prospect. You’re right that Davies didn’t throw a lot of pitches last time, but that’s because he was utterly ineffective. His previous two outings were 119 and 111 pitches, then he gets hammered, now he goes on three days rest? Nope, don’t like it, not one bit….

  15. Can’t argue with you on that point. The Braves general theory seems to be that throwing often is good, just so long as the individual occurences aren’t terribly intense. But I don’t know if they’re right or not, and I’m not sure anybody else does.

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