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  1. Well, they had Marte as their #1 prospect in the offseason, so they like him.

    [A] team relying as heavily as it has to on [Langerhans] or Adam LaRoche or Wilson Betemit or now Marte, as fun as it is, looks a lot more like a rebuilding project than a contender. Still, the Braves are in the running, because nobody in the division is going to run away from the pack.

  2. I’m not a BP subscriber, so I can’t read the article, but it’s pretty illogical to think the Braves would put Chipper in the OF coming off an injury. I can see putting him at 3rd where he’s most comfortable. I can see putting him at 1st where he’d save his legs and clear space for Marte and Betemit. OF makes little sense, though.

  3. mlb.com is saying braves are showing serious interest in pursuing preston wilson. any1 out there know if this is legit? opinions?

  4. I don’t know which of these things is more frustrating: left-field Larry or tomahawk Preston! I guess I’ll go with the BPro guys. I’m 100% certain that a return to the OF will never happen. I wish I had the same confidence about the Preston Wilson rumors.


  5. Preston ERIC GREGGING Wilson:
    avg obp slg ops
    .274 .335 .516 .851 overall
    .310 .371 .602 .973 home
    .219 .280 .384 .664 away !!!!???????%%$#@!
    Holy Vinny Castilla Batman! C’mon John Schuerholz say it ain’t so dude! THIS GUY SUCKS! If the Rockies dupe you out of anything but a box of Crackerjacks for this guy I’m gonna puke. Ryan Langerhans is better than this guy. The Coors effect is that powerful.

    I hate the Chipper has to move to the outfield crap too from BP. Its starting to get shrill.

    Well I’m in Ohio. Since I think that I’m jinxing the Braves I’m wondering if I should watch them play the wretched Reds tonight.

  6. I still worry more about the starting pitching than anything else. I don’t really know what’s out there, though. I’ve been trying to figure out the reason behind Joe Kenedy’s apparent popularity, but I can’t find it. I read a rumor that the Dodgers think Aaron Harang could be had. That doesn’t sound so bad. I’ve seen Ted Lilly’s name come up. He’s looking much better lately, although he did stumble a little in his previous few starts before last night. There are certainly worse pitchers out there than Mark Redman. His bizzare inability to pitch at home with Oakland last year is the only thing that kept him from having a good year. You gotta figure that Millwood will be available in a month or so, but his potential salary may be prohibitive. And you still have to worry about his health.

    No aces, but the market for starters may not be so bad after all.

  7. Maybe everett was on to something about dumb fans. BP sure can’t seem to figure out something so damn simple as this.

  8. I think that sabermetricians have brought an awful lot to the game, for both the fans (like me) and some actual teams (Boston, Oakland and many others that would never acknowledge it). But the argument that I’ve heard that many of them operate in isolation from the real world is not totally without merit. It’s unfortunate. It wouldn’t take much more than a peep outside the silo to see that this is something that not only will never happen, but should never happen.

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