Jorge Vasquez

Braves Journal: Jorge Vasquez

From February, when I thought he would make the roster. Adding to that… He pitched some darned good ball in AA Mississippi, saving ten games with a 1.17 ERA, 34 strikeouts and 6 walks in 30 2/3 innings. He may have been a little hit-lucky, and the ERA is a little lower than it probably should be (of the six runs he allowed, two were called unearned). He might get a shot at setup work pretty quickly with Sosa in the rotation and nobody else pitching well in front of Reitsma.

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  1. My ONLY question:

    Why the ERIC GREGG did it take until June 13th for this to happen? It should have happened on MARCH 31ST. when this guy was lights out in Spring Training.

  2. I don’t know. There may be some suspicion that Vasquez can’t get major leaguers out because he relies more upon movement and a breaking pitch than velocity. (Despite everything that Don Sutton and everyone else says, everybody prefers the guy who throws 100 to the guy who throws 92 with movement.) Also he’d had some control problems in 2004 and they wanted to make sure he was past that. Less than two per nine suggests yes. Remember, he has just 3 1/3 major league innings to his name, and he’s never even pitched in AAA.

  3. How did I miss your call earlier?

    He may lack experience but he’s at least shown a lot more then freaking BLAINE BOYER.


  4. Well, Vasquez has more experience than Boyer, and Boyer was a better pitcher last year (at a pitcher’s park on a lower level). Like someone said, the Braves are at the “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” stage in the bullpen, and Boyer throws hard. I’d probably call up another hard thrower and put Kolb on the DL with inability to pitch, but I’ll settle for this for now.

  5. Whatever it takes to get some ERIC GREGGing relief help without making a desperation trade.

  6. agreed.. it cant get worse. See some guy at the speed pitch at turner that throws 90 plus, sign him and give em 30 innings and see what happens.

  7. I’m just ERIC GREGGING glad that fat ERIC GREGGing umpire was never re hired by MLB.

  8. Lead Off Walk….he fits in just fine

    Followed by a 2-run homer. He does fit in.

    I think Kolb may be a carrier, infecting every pitcher on the staff.

    And down goes Langerhans, hope he’s ok. I don’t know if I can watch anymore.

  9. Kelly Johnson doubled his average with that hit in the first inning. … Mind-boggling. …

  10. This sounds like a handful, but I know someone here will be up to it. I’ve had an incredibly full past two weeks. I went to Mexico for a week, my family has moved, and I’ve been without cable and broadband internet so I’ve been really unable to keep up with what has happened with the Braves these past weeks. I realized how much I had been missing when I looked at a boxscore and Blaine Boyer took the loss against Oakland. After weirding people out around me by saying “Who the heck is Blaine Boyer?” while staring at my internet browser of my cell phone, I realized I needed some filling in. Anybody?

  11. It’s like a soap opera Rob, and it’s probably best to treat it that way. Watch for a few days and catch up. I saw it all, and I can’t even remember what’s happened. Of course, that doesn’t really say much because I can hardly remember where the panic button is from one minute to the next. Oh… wait… there it is… gotcha again!

  12. I’ve had an incredibly full past two weeks. I went to Mexico for a week, my family has moved, and I’ve been without cable and broadband internet so I’ve been really unable to keep up with what has happened with the Braves these past weeks.

    Rob. Sit Down. We have soething important to tell you. You haven’t been gone for weeks. It’s June of 2007, you’ve been gone two years.

  13. You think it is the year 1999, when it is actually closer to the year 2199. We can’t be any more specific because… we don’t know.

  14. So after living through the pain of the future for Rob now we live through the pain of the past for billy.

    Eric Gregg 1997 NLCS; He Gave L. Hernandez sixteen strikeouts.

  15. Haha, for real, I really wanna know. Why is Sosa starting? Why was Brayan Pena up? Vazquez and Boyer in the pen? Who died? What the heck is going on?

  16. It really is a mess. Pena was up because Eddie went on the DL. Then Estrada got creamed by Erstad in a play at the plate, suffering a mild concussion. They didn’t want to DL Estrada, so they activated Eddie. In order to activate Eddie, they designated Greisinger for assignment. Then Eddie went back on the DL the next day and they called up McCann. Now that Estrada is ready to play again, they sent down Pena and kept McCann (Pena looked terrible, and McCann was impressive). Greisinger cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Richmond, but he can’t be called back up since it hasn’t yet been ten days. So Vasquez was called up when Pena went down and Sosa will start tonight. Somewhere in there Colon was mercifully sent down and Boyer was brought up.

    See? I told ya it was just like a soap opera.

  17. Nice recap. :) Oh, and Hampton is on the DL (along with Thomson), which is another reason that Sosa is starting. Did you catch that Kyle Davies was called up and is starting for Thomson?

    Current rotation: Smoltz, HoRam, Hudson, Sosa, Davies

  18. I forgot to mention that Luke is sleeping with that hussy Sarah again. I wish he really had died when his car ran off the road and into that ravine. At least he’s not the real father of Lucy’s baby. That was a relief!

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