Atlanta 5, Oakland 3 – MLB – Recap – Athletics at Braves

Continuing his legacy of smiley failure, Andruw Jones only hit two two-run homers today. If he were any good, he’d have hit at least three three-run homers, and to be worthy of his contract he’d have to hit four grand slams. His first homer gave the Braves a 2-0 lead in the fourth. His second gave them a 4-3 lead after the A’s scored three runs to take the lead in the sixth. Brian McCann followed with his first career homer to account for the pivotal insurance run far more important than Andruw’s piddling go-ahead shots.

John Smoltz was pretty super in every inning but the sixth, throwing 106 pitches in his first complete game since 1999. He allowed four hits and an intentional walk in that inning, but just a second-inning single and two other walks in the rest of the game, retiring eleven of the last twelve batters. He also singled in the fifth.

Adam LaRoche had a big day, going 3-4 and scoring in front of both of Andruw’s homers; he really should have been 4-4 but what I thought should have been called an infield hit was called an error. Andy Marte had his first hit, a fifth-inning single. Kelly Johnson had two walks hitting in the two spot but still can’t buy a hit, and I don’t really understand it.

Rubber game tomorrow. Hopefully the Braves can break their recent trend of loss-win-loss in every series. TBS, Ramirez versus Barry Zito, who is 2-7 with a 4.41 ERA this season but pitching much better now.

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  1. I doubt very seriously that they get the Sunday game in. It’s supposed to rain like hell in Atlanta tomorrow, courtesy of the remnants of Tropical Storm Arlene.

    By the way, we may have the seen the Braves’ 2007 opening day lineup in today’s game, with maybe Francouer in center instead of Andruw.

  2. I am curious, Mac, how long are you going to ride this one great game of Andruw’s?

    3 weeks-4 weeks? Just checking.

    I agree with our current phone conversation…Kelly Johnson IS still the most frustrating Brave.

  3. If you think the Braves are going to let Andruw go you are an Idiot. He is the best defensive center fielder in baseball. And Mac I hope you are joking about him.

  4. Not sure if “idiot” was directed at Alex or me, but with the amount of money due Hampton, Chipper and Andruw over the next three years, one of them probably is going to go. And Andruw, given his relative youth and durability, has the most trade value.

    Regardless, John, I’ve been posting on this board for almost four years, and I’ve never called someone an idiot. Relax.

  5. Man Alex, don’t you ever get tired of drinking the Andruw Haterade? Give it a rest. Andruw’s streakiness is the absolute least of our problems.

  6. Trust me, Alex never gets tired of it. By the way, from 2001:

    Jones, Andruw (CF)
    Alex: Sorry A-rod and Griffey but IMHO, the best player in Baseball. I predict he wins the National League MVP award this year. Hes a true five-tool star and theres nothing he cant do. His one failing is hes a bit cocky but if you were that good, wouldnt you be?

  7. Smoltz put it on his shoulders and waited for the offense to come through. Laroche continues to hit well. Andruw may be coming alive. He can carry us like I have said before.

    The most frustrating player is not K. Johnson. Furcal gets my vote. Another stellar 0’fer. He did get the walk of course. Move him down to 8th, if you must play him Bobby! Play Betemit! Come on!

    Marte continues to make great contact. His hits will come.

    What can you say about McCann? He’s not going anywhere.

    Great game for the kids. Furcal get it together.

  8. Some of those ropes have to start finding grass pretty soon for Parte Marte (guys, I am *really* sorry about that nickname. I hope I’ve gotten it out of my system now).

  9. Hopefully he won’t become K-Marte. *cymbal crash*I’ll be here all night, folks. Try the lamb, I hear it’s delicious.

  10. Does anyone have a copy of today’s game? I live near Filthadelphia and was forced to do something else rather than watch the Stankees.I’ll reimburse.

    Mccann looks like the real deal…

  11. Kelly Johnson almost makes you yearn for Mondesi…almost. I know he lit up AAA pitching this year. Is he a AAAA player or is he just playing too tight?

    Langerhansolo is having a very good June, batting .375 with an OBP of .429 for the month to date. May the force be with him!

    btw, traffice was awful after the game. I blame Andruw and Furcal.

  12. Anyone see the Braves site? “Cox has confidence in Colon[oscopy].” Uh-oh.

    So now we see it. The way for us to win is for every pitcher to go the whole game. Okay! Bring ’em on!

    Nice to see Andruw in a hot streak. Wonder how long this one will last. Any dates, people?

    Way to go, Brian McCann!

  13. jenny, I seem to recall Bobby expressing his confidence in Mondesi not too long ago. Remember, he never calls his players out in public.

  14. Sorry folks but I don’t get it. I was under the impression Mac had something to offer, but if this is typical, what’s the point? Do you poughs have nothing better to do than a mass whine? This is asinine. Please try and eke out something resembling an actual life and move on. If this represents the best you have to offer you’re just spinning your wheels. These daily sob sessions are pretty weak.

  15. Chin up, Freddy. Our gripes and moans shouldn’t sully your shiny, happy blog at all. Some people just enjoy things differently. Just because we enjoy venting and don’t feel the need to have warm sunshine blown up our rears doesn’t mean we don’t have lives. Actually, that was pretty insulting.

  16. FB: can I have a ride on your high horse? Where did that attitude come from? Jeez.

    If you took three minutes to read a few threads here, you’ll notice that for the most part BJ posters are very civil towards one another, even when we strongly disagree. Maybe that’s because we use language of constructive discourse rather than invective. Give it a try, maybe then people will listen to you.

  17. Andrew pick the best time of the season to heat up.IF Andrew can carry the team for two weeks or so we could be in good shape. I would like to see more of McCann, he has done vastly better than could be expected.

    Kelly Johnsons did get on base twice yesterday and made a good play slidding into second (glass half full)Would we reather have him or Mondy out there?

  18. Good news. Heck, even Freddy McFerron probably saw that Colon needed to go down. I hope he figures out a way to get back, though. I really do think he’s got a great arm.

  19. Don’t y’all get it? Andruw hitting homers is precisely the problem. He needs to be more of a team player and get clutch singles….

  20. They just said (on TBS) that Sosa is getting the start on Tuesday. I guess that helps explain why we didn’t see Sosa out of the bullpen the last few games.

  21. Sorry folks, I thought smarmy commentary was appreciated here. If acknowledging the good things about the team is so much “warm sunshine blown up someone’s rear,” why don’t you really make a commitment to a team like the Royals who will truly give you plenty of bummers all season long? I’ve never been afraid to discuss the bad or the good with the Braves, I just see little constructive in repetitive bashing. The easiest thing in the world is finding fault. Sorry to disturb your sad kingdom. I understand now it’s what you want.

  22. I know it’s only the third inning, but who else was hoping Bobby would pull Pena for Betemit or LaRoche with the bases loaded and two outs? It’s not like we don’t have another catcher.

    Pena hasn’t been good, and Betemit’s been on fire. LaRoche could at least hit a home run. The best you could hope for with Pena is a walk. It’s hard to burn situations like that with a near-automatic out.

  23. Actually, Freddy the problem isn’t being positive. The problem is going out of your way to be an ass.

  24. Thanks, Freddy, for the nice comments. They really make everything better.

    Wow, what’s wrong with you?

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