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The Brian and Brayan Show looks to start ahead of schedule, as the Braves have reportedly called up Brian McCann, with Eddie Perez going back on the DL. No news site is reporting this yet, but Brian’s mom confirms it. Hard to tell how the job-sharing will go. They could platoon, they could plug McCann into Estrada’s job, they could split time evenly, they could have Pena play full time with McCann just there for emergencies. It might depend upon how long Estrada will be out.

I’ll write up McCann later. I wasn’t prepared for this. I’ve a feeling he isn’t either.

AJC story:

McCann gets call | Spoirts | Braves |

Yes, it really says “Spoirts”. A professional organization, the AJC.

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  1. Some day we are going to regret starting everybody’s arbitration eligibility clock at the same time. This really goes back to JS again and highlites his inability to stock Richmond with veteran AAAA players that can come up for emergencies like this. Contrast that with a team like the Dodgers who have also been hit by injuries but have called up non-prospects like Edwards, Robles, and Rose to fill in so they don’t have to call up their top prospects and start their arbitration clock just so they can go 1-21.

  2. Clock stops when they go back down. McCann will (probably, I guess, to AAA), Marte and Johnson might. The only top prospect probably here for the duration is Davies, since Langerhans and Betemit have to be.

  3. But the clocks will stop again when they’re sent down. No way will both Pena and McCann spend the rest of the season in Atlanta. Johnson and Langerhans are exactly the sort of players who are unlikely to make it to free agency as Braves. They had no real choice with Betemit (or Langerhans, for that matter), as they were out of options.

    That leaves Marte and Davies. Davies looks ready for the big leagues so far, so there’s no point to keeping him in AAA. And if Marte plays as well as we all hope, same deal.

    The Braves are still a high-end “middle market” team with their payroll. At that point, service time should be a consideration, but certainly not the primary consideration.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I think McCann is trade bait. Think about it:

    1) The Braves are loaded at Catcher with Pena, McCann, and Saltimacchia. And it’s not like Estrada is old or unproductive.

    2) McCann is rated pretty high by pretty much everybody.

    3) It serves nobody’s best interest to bring McCann up to back up. He needs to play everday.

    My guess is McCann gets the lion’s share of AB’s while Estrada recovers. When Johnny comes back, there will be a trade to shore up the bullpen involving McCann.

  5. I’ve been trying to find info on what qualifies a player for salary arbitration.

    This is really about all I have found:

    I haven’t read it all, but here is the quick explanation:

    “Under the current CBA there are two classes of players who are eligible for salary arbitration. One is for players after their third year of service (and the top 17% of players of total service with two years of service and at least 86 days of service in the preceding season) and prior to their sixth year of service, while they are still under the reserve system and the other is certain players who are eligible for free agency.”

    What I don’t completely understand is what constitutes the first year of service. However, I had previously understood it to mean simply active prior to June 1. If true, then this could not be McCann’s first season of service. It could be both Johnson’s and Davies’, but I don’t see a complaint about those guys. They were ready for the chance and very much needed.

  6. I expect McCann to play most of the games until Estrada comes back, then be sent back to AAA. I would not be surprised if Perez misses the rest of the season, keeping Pena as the backup.

  7. It would not be a good time to trade McCann right now. He’s coming off of Myrtle Beach numbers which suppress his actual abilities. Maybe teams recognize this, but he projects to be a top tier prospect once he demolishes AA ball for a year.

  8. I doubt McCann is trade bait. It’s not necessary to showcase him — everyone knows who he is, and likely knows he’s not ready. If he proves he’s not ready, which is probable, then you haven’t really accomplished anything.

    Betemit is more the classic showcase situation — a guy who’s supposed to be major-league ready getting some starts to prove it. Not saying that’s what I think the Braves are doing, but it could easily be seen that way.

  9. Ugh – I hope we don’t trade McCann for a relief pitcher. McCann looks like a great prospect – despite his low average, he has great ISO, Iso OBP, and BB/K ratios, he doesn’t strike out much, and he’s a lefty-hitting catcher. His future is worth more than any relief pitcher he would bring (i.e. someone well below the K-Rod/Gagne/Lidge level). Also, of the relievers we might get for him, I am not at all confident that they would be decent; remember that we didn’t used to think that Dan Kolb was the devil? What if all we got for McCann was Kolb Junior?

    I think that we take this for what it is: filling a need for a brief amount of time. Here’s hoping the kid does a good job.

  10. Talk about a youth movement. With our numerous injuries we are getting to see some of the prospects come out and showcase their talent. I watched McCann play a month back, good all around. I agree, I hope that we don’t trade away our prospects for some temp. relief help. Good Luck to McCann.

  11. When was the last time the Braves traded a major-league player for a reliever during the season? It seems to me that we’re getting concerned about JS doing something he doesn’t generally do.

  12. We can’t trade Pascual Matos, he’s our catcher of the future!

    Oh, wait… none of us were ever saying that. Never mind. Back to you, bamadan.

  13. I’m taking my family to a Braves game in Cincinnati on Sun. June 19th. I always look forward to pointing out the ballplayers.
    This year I’ll say,”Look there’s Andrew. It’s all his fault. And there’s . . .um, er, . .”
    I guess I might have to buy a program this time.

  14. I’m pretty sure there WILL be a trade. Nobody wants Kolb, Colon, Jordan, or Franco. To get something, you have to give something. I think the Braves Brass view Marte and Francoeur as untouchable. Who does that leave?

    Andruw? Despite all the ups and downs, he’s a GG CF who hits 30 HR’s a year. How do we replace him? Last I checked, Jim Edmonds was unavailable.

    Furcal? Possible, since it’s his walk year, but the shoulder and lack of production would limit the return. It’s also pretty un-JS/BC to trade a centerpiece of the team mid-season to fill a hole.

    Giles? Heard a rumor of Giles to MIN for Crain. I call BS. Giles is young, cheap, and productive. BUT…his numbers *are* down this year. What if he was juicing?

    LaRoche – Seiously doubt it. Nobody to replace him if Chipper is out for a while. I *do* think he’s gone at EOY tho.

    Betemit? Very likely, but I don’t like it, unless he’s part of a package for Huff. Willie is a Chuck Lamar guy, IIRC. Supposedly Baez is available too. If he goes who plays SS in ’06?

    Langerhans/Johnson? similar guys. Neither would bring much alone. But I could see one being included in a package.

    Davies/HoRam? Not with the injuries to the SP’s this year.

    Nobody else ML-ready really has any trade value. That leaves McCann as a very likely target. There’s also rumors that McCann won’t stay at C. If Chipper moves to 1B, there’s nowhere for him to play.

  15. It does leave Chuck James. Nobody wants to hear it, and I can understand, but he’s a very logical choice – pitching lights-out against competition that isn’t exactly age-appropriate (although there’s nothing inherently un-prospcet-like about being 23 and in AA) and apparently isn’t the braves “type”.

  16. creynolds, I’d agree that someone like James (especially if packaged with Pena or maybe McCann and a random relief arm from AA/AAA) is likely to be traded. I just don’t see JS trading a valuable member of the big league club to fill a hole – that’s never been the way they work. And at this point, Betemit is a valuable member of the team.

  17. I agree that he is, but I’m getting more and more tempted to throw out all of my previous conceptions (both good and bad) about what is likely for them to do. This whole year has struck me as a series of unlikely decisions (Kolb, Jordan and Mondesi excepted), and yesterday’s picks of two college relievers and a Cuban defector really put the cap on that.

    Plus, I still wonder how much they truly value Betemit. It seems that once I guy is no longer something – top prospect, shortstop – he can’t become that again in the eyes of those who matter no matter what he does. HOWEVER, this is just another notion based on past behavior.

  18. I was just about to comment on the fact that we can’t know what to expect with all of the out of character decisions that have taken place recently.

  19. At this point, the Braves seem to have plenty of 2B, SS’s, 3B & Catchers who can HIT. What we don’t have is enough outfielders & 1B who can hit. YOU do the Math.

    What that means at this point:

    Pena or McCann, likely Betemit (I wish it was fuck-all) & possibly Kelly Johnson will get PACKAGED possibly with another farmhand in a big trade somewhere for a Major League outfielder, a 1st base prospect & a reliever. (or an outfielder ready to play now but who’s not getting PT and a VET 1st baseman) & a reliever.

    Again, some TEAMS that make some sense:

    the Astros–It may take a lot to land Lidge but a Lidge-Jason Lane combo for 3 above mentioned players and a pitching prospect could really happen. The Astros are way out of it and would rather not PAY Lidge. Plus, if you look at the back to back deals the last 2 years of Octavio Dotel & Billy Wagner, the team felt a hard throwing closer is replaceable.

    Personally, I would give up one of our catchers, one of our outfielders and Betemit, plus a pitching prospect to land Lane & Lidge. It MAKES SENSE.

    The Twins–they are having infield issues and always have too many outfielders; it’s a possibility we may do the Jacques Jones thing along with a stud reliever for a package aforementioned.

    the Mariners–No, they won’t trade their best Marketing tool Ichiro (which solves a 100 problems) but they will trade their closer Steady Eddie Guardardo & a solid veteran outfielder like Randy Winn. I would love to give Richie Sexson a shot and toss in Adam LaRoche to the deal (which I think the Mariners would do in salary relief) but we won’t pay Sexson’s salary unless they take a KOLBB back in the deal and eat part of Richie’s contract. I do think a smaller deal (not 4 prospects for Winn & Guardardo) is a legit possibility.

    The Blue Jays—they are still in it right now so it’s a question mark but I have a hard time believing they stay in. I have mentioned Bobby Kielty before and Shannon Stewart, being a vet, is even more likely, plus a reliever.

    The Rockies–I have also brough Preston Wilson in the discussion and its worth mentioning Todd Helton. I imagine if they have a young reliever + Helton, we would likely to a Penya or McCann + Betemit + LaRoche + pitching prospect package–salary relief and good young players for Colorado, southerner who has listed Atlanta as a team he’d play for in Todd Helton; the big question is could get another Mike Hampton type salary relief from the Rockies and even better, could we also get them to take KOLBB in the deal. Less likely on the ladder. But Helton is the answer to many problems…big bat in the middle of the order, a southerner who’d be playing closer to home, and it would solve 1st Base.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the Uncle Ted Braves of old where we could say take BOTH Preston Wilson & Todd Helton and basically fix the offense in 3 seconds…I miss those days. Stupid AOL.

    The Reds–they don’t quite need the infielders but they’d likely want a catcher, and maybe a few pitching prospects (Macay McBride?) and we could at least grab Austin Kearns. I would stay far away from Griffey.

    The Giants–out of it already they would likely deal Moises Alou. Hopefully, we don’t fall into the JT Snow trap (hello Rico Brogan part II) but a lesser prospect package for Alou & a reliever would help. Remember, Alou only has to be a temporary solution through next year until Francour is ready.

    The Devil Rays–clearly, the dumbest team in Baseball (did they secretly hire Isiah Thomas to give advice to Chuck Lamar?) so I think we could get Aubrey Huff. I am not sure who’s throwing gas in their bullpen but we are 1 for 1 by stealing Jorge Sosa and giving him Professor Mazzone. Pupil #2?

    The Royals–Mike Sweeney has a Todd Helton like contract but the guy can flat out hit and the Royals are ALWAYS looking to dump big names. They gotta have someone in the pen who’s good and maybe for salary relief, they will even take KOLBB.

    The Tigers–they recently called up Chris Shelton, a monster hitting 1B-DH and he’s already hitting now…if the Tigers are out of it, Dmitri Young is intriging…sure, he’s fat and looks like he shouldn’t hit but he can, so Young would be nice.

    Anyone have thoughts on this subject?

  20. What I don’t completely understand is what constitutes the first year of service. However, I had previously understood it to mean simply active prior to June 1. If true, then this could not be McCann’s first season of service. It could be both Johnson’s and Davies’, but I don’t see a complaint about those guys. They were ready for the chance and very much needed.

    Creynolds, it is defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement as the number of days on the 25 man roster or the major league DL. June 1 has nothing to do with it, but September 1 can — that is, if a player is a September call up, but is only on the 40 man roster and not the 25, it does not count as time towards arbitration. Conceivably, a player could be on the 25 man roster one day a year and not be eligible for arbitration for about 500 years.

    However, at that age, even Julio Franco would be a subpar performer.

  21. Hmm, something just occured to me. If Chipper and/or Hampton are done for any length of time, that’s a large sum of money being picked up by insurance. Maybe, just MAYBE, Atlanta could pick up somebody’s salary dump without giving up too much talent.

    Who besides Huff is available for salary reasons? Neither Sweeney nor Helton would be a good fit. Griffey would look nice in LF. How many years does he have left on his deal?

  22. Griffey would look nice in LF for about two weeks, until he moved to the DL…

  23. The Blue Jays—they are still in it right now so it’s a question mark but I have a hard time believing they stay in. I have mentioned Bobby Kielty before and Shannon Stewart, being a vet, is even more likely, plus a reliever.

    What year did you write this? The Blue Jays traded Stewart to the Twins to get Kielty about two seasons ago. Then Kielty was dumped onto the A’s last season. …

    … the Giants dumping the manager’s son …

    … the Mariners dumping a huge FA acquisition this off season after only two months …

    … Preston Wilson having $0.02 worth of value.

    This is Yankee thinking: minor leaguers don’t hit like Ruth and throw like Mathewson in their first week? Dump ’em and bring in proven (and old and declining and expensive) vets. Its a treadmil to nowhere strategy. I’d rather see if some of the sub-25 players can live up to their billings and give them more than 25-100 ABs to prove their stuff.

  24. Hmm, something just occured to me. If Chipper and/or Hampton are done for any length of time, that’s a large sum of money being picked up by insurance. Maybe, just MAYBE, Atlanta could pick up somebody’s salary dump without giving up too much talent.

    Probably not. Most (almost all) of those insurance policies are written by Lloyds and mandate a full season missed before payments kick in.

  25. Thanks, bamadan. I have no idea where I got that idea… although that goes for a lot of my ideas ;-) Maybe it was another date that had more to do with the 86-day thing and super two status.

    Alex – Why in the world would you even remotely think that there was any value in having Jason Lane over Kelly Johnson? I think the guy has deserved a shot for a while, and I’m glad he got it this year. But there’s nothing in his history or his experience that makes him preferable to Johnson. If the idea is to get Lidge and strengthen the ‘pen, then I guess there’s something to it. But giving up Johnson for Lane weakens the OF that you make such a point in saying needs desperate help. Lidge is nice, but Lane doesn’t MAKE SENSE.

  26. I don’t think McCann is being showcased. I would guess he will be a backup catcher. Perez will be re-DL’d. Estrada gets a few days off to recover.

  27. You know what I’d like? I’d like to see Pena hit over the next couple of weeks (if Estrada is out that long) and then the Braves shop him or Estrada. There are any number of teams that could use a catcher. The Jays are interesting, and they could deal an outfielder. I’d prefer pitching, though. I’m convinced that Langerhans has turned the corner, and Johnson soon will.

    Alex, your Preston Wilson obsession is becoming sad. Face it, he sucks.

  28. Yeah, I hadn’t read the rest before my previous comment.

    To the list of sad obsessions, I would have to respectfully submit Jacque Jones for consideration.

    The Jason Lane and Bobby Kielty ones are kinda cute, though.

  29. Alex,

    The Astros do look like a good match and I’d love to see Lidge in Atlanta, but I don’t see a big difference between Lane and Johnson/Langerhans. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from getting Lidge. McCann/James for Lidge? I’d do it.

    Shannon Stewart plays for MIN now. A Stewart/Furcal swap actually makes sense and I could see JS/BC biting on that one if they think Betemit can handle SS full time. I’d like to sweeten the deal and get Crain back too.

    The D-Rays are also a good fit. Huff/Baez would solve alot of Atlanta’s problems. McCann + James + Johnson/Langerhans/McCarthy? Might not be enough.

    Moises Alou also seems like a guy JS/BC would go after. Not sure what the Giants would want…

  30. Something still doesn’t make sense–if Perez is indeed headed back to the DL as most of you claim, why was he activated yesterday? Why risk losing Greisinger on waivers just to activate Eddie Perez for one day?

  31. Most (almost all) of those insurance policies are written by Lloyds and mandate a full season missed before payments kick in.

    Hmmm, thanks for the info, bamadan. Although knowing that makes speculating less fun. :-)

  32. They would have needed to DFA Greisinger even to just call up McCann. All this truly costs is that the 15-day clock restarts for Eddie.

  33. Before you say it, Alex… my previous comments assumes that they already preferred to DFA Greisinger instead of demote Colon. It does not, however, endorse that decision.

  34. I wonder how well the pitching staff will enjoy throwing to two rookies? Presumably Davies has thrown to Pena, and maybe McCann before, but what about the others? Could be interesting.

    And let me just say after reading your trade suggestions, in all friendliness, Alex, you’re high. :)

  35. All this needing a 1B talk doesn’t make any sense either (not to pile on or anything). Considering there is no way in hell we should be getting rid of Marte or Chipper, it seems like 1B is taken care of until Chipper retires.
    This makes LaRoche trade bait . . . at least eventually. Hopefully Chipper will come back before the deadline and be able to play like it is 1999.
    And like I said before, with Furcal gone next year it really doesn’t make any sense to trade Betemit, who is the only option for SS in ’06 that has at least a chance of being more than mediocre.
    So I figure Furcal and LaRoche oughta make pretty decent trade bait, especially with some of the kids from the farm.

  36. The D-Rays don’t need any more outfielders; at last count, they have Carl Crawford, Rocco Baldelli, Joey Gathright, Jonny Gomes, The Mayor, Delmon Young, and possibly BJ Upton (if his defense doesn’t improve).

    Why do we want Dany Baez? I put him in the “may not be any better than Kolb” category – certainly I wouldn’t want to give up Brian McCann AND Kelly Johnson to find out. I do like Aubrey Huff, but he can’t play defense except at IF corners (and we’re full there) and he’s about to get expensive.

  37. I think Minnesota is the logical partner.

    Crain and Stewart to Atlanta
    Furcal / kolb / prospects to Minnesota (Pena and Kelly Johnson more than likely )

    I would do that. Laroche is on a rookie contract, if nothing else, a lefthanded bat off the bench that has power. He might be able to play outfield if you give him enough time. Can not be worse than Klesko.

  38. I agree that Betemit can’t be traded. Could Giles be a possibility if Betemit proves he can play second?? Giles and a prospect might get us Lidge..

    Marte is going to be a stud it’s only a matter of time, which makes Chipper a first baseman.

    It kills me to watch Garrett Anderson because he was involved in rumors for Dave Justice back in the day..Woulda,Coulda,Shoulda.

    Does anybody know who the Braves are higher on, Tony Pena Jr or Luis Hernandez. I remember Hernandez from spring training,he’s Rafael Belliard with speed.
    Reitsma sure looks more confident as a closer.

  39. Hernandez is their man.

    The Astros need outfielders, catching, pitching; they have a prospect coming up to replace Biggio. He’s not as good as Marcus but second base is the least of their worries. I don’t think they’ll trade Lidge anyway.

  40. They don’t need an outfielder, they have the savior Jason Lane ;-)

    Seriously, I can’t see them trading Lidge either. It wouldn’t make sense. I mean, sure, they could get a lot for him. But they could get an awful lot for Roy Oswalt, too. And nobody has illusions about him being available.

  41. Interesting note in there that Atlanta has already signed their top 5 picks and 7 of the top 10. Do you start guys like Devine and Escobar at higher levels? I guess it would be nice to get Devine going in a place like Myrtle Beach where hitters go to die.

  42. (an affiliate of this site, right? It’s run by Merv) has a lot of info on the new guys, including the Devine to MB rumor this AM, so update your bookmarks!

  43. Yeah, I felt a little dumb for not looking there before I posted my question :-/

  44. Yeah… that’s the new minor league site. was my old domain that I decided to dust off once again. Anyways… the draft just ended (thankfully).

    I heard Devine in an interview with MLB Radio and I believe I heard him say that he should report to Myrtle Beach on the 20th. He has to first go to Orlando for some sessions and then pack up at home in Raleigh, NC.

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