How RFK Stadium is like Stonehenge

1. Both are large, circular constructions.

2. Both are open-air facilities.

3. Both are old and in poor shape.

4. Both are called by a different name than the one first used.

5. Neither is suitable for baseball.

7 thoughts on “How RFK Stadium is like Stonehenge”

  1. I’m not sure bringing baseball to Washington was such a good idea. I like it for now b/c I can take the Metro to games and see NL teams that I don’t get to see at Camden Yards, but I’m going to college in the fall so it won’t matter anymore to me, and it’s causing more problems than it’s worth. The Braves losing yesterday because of the stupid stadium was the least of these:

    1. The DC City Council is wigging out over the cost and I bet you the new stadium won’t even get built.

    2. Somebody is going to get seriously hurt playing at RFK, either because of the crappy mound, the crappy field drainage (and it rains a LOT here, we have t-storms almost every day during the summer), or the overall weirdness of the layout. Hopefully it won’t be a Braves player.

    3. The Nats and the O’s are now at war. Each is hurting the other’s attendance and no one can agree on TV coverage. Or newspaper coverage, for that matter.

    4. The Nats and D.C. United are now at war b/c the Nats invaded soccer territory and now the field isn’t suitable for either sport. The Nats complain about the mound, but D.C. United has already had players injured tripping over the fake grass.

    5. Sports fans around here don’t really care all that much about baseball and attendance is going to plummet. It’s a novelty right now so it’s around 30,000 per game but it won’t last. Especially since the stadium’s no fun to go to.

    FoulPoleGate is just the next item in what’s going to be a laundry list of problems. Too bad it cost our team this time, it’ll be someone else next week.

  2. And Johnny S. is looking up his old pal Chuck Lamar’s number in the rolodex ;-)

  3. Has Furcal been reading the comments left on this website? He has got some fire under his ass for the last twelve games or so. He must have remembered he was in a contract year…

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