Johnson Watch (Major League Edition)

Braves call up Johnson; Mondesi loses starting job

Kelly Johnson is now, apparently, your everyday left fielder. Hitting third today. The story says that he takes Matt Childers’ spot on the roster, but it’s also been reported that Mondesi was outrighted to Richmond. Also that Mondesi is a whiny little baby who won’t go on the DL even though he’s hurt, but that’s no surprise.

UPDATE: Skip says that Mondesi isn’t in uniform and has until Tuesday to think about his future. I have an idea: real estate. Anyway, Johnson’s in Childers’ spot.

4 thoughts on “Johnson Watch (Major League Edition)”

  1. I have this picture of Raul playing the role of Ben in The Graduate; at a dinner party, Schuerholz pulls him aside and says, “I’ve got just one word for you: Plastics!”

  2. This is pretty much what I was expecting. This is how Cox operates. He gives you more than ample chance to succeed so there is no excuses. Then when the time comes he makes the move final, rather than just sending him to the bench of something.

  3. According to the story on the official site, the Braves would like Mondesi to retire so they don’t have to pay him, but I think that’s unlikely. He’ll be DFA’d and probably released, unless he accepts an assignment to Richmond.

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