Need an Adjective

Would the proper term for pitching like Dan Kolb be “Kolboid”, “Kolbesque”, or “Kolbian”?

8 thoughts on “Need an Adjective”

  1. I’m with you, but the guy is still an asset of the Braves. It would be nice to actually get something in return for him when we the team finally trades him.

  2. Kolbesque is the proper term but one can also say “craplike” or “really sucking bad”

  3. My girlfriend, the editor, says Kolbian. Or how about Kolbic? Kolbous? Kolbiferous?

  4. I think I like “Kolbic” too. Hopefully we’re not going to need to go back to aster*sks for Reitsma…

  5. I think the proper descriptive term is “wretched.”
    Possibly even “Reitsmalian” since he’s been around longer.

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