San Diego 5 Atlanta 3 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Padres

Fairly disastrous all around. The Braves led most of the way after scoring two in the first, but couldn’t build on it, Chris Reitsma was pecked to death by singles for the second time in his last three outings, and most importantly John Thomson left the game in the fifth with a strained tendon in the middle finger of his pitching hand. Thomson is expected to miss his next start at least and will see a specialist. If it’s just one start, I don’t expect them to make a move, but it sounds pretty bad.

Adam Bernero gave up one run in relief of Thomson, and John Foster had another scoreless inning. Then Reitsma gave up four hits, all singles (the Padres had only one extra-base hit all night) in the eighth, eventually allowing three runs when Frank Brooks allowed the fifth single of the inning. Normally, I’d discount that sort of rally as “just one of those things”, but it may be that Reitsma is tiring, as he did last year.

LaRoche was 3-4 but the rest of the Braves were a combined 4-28. Estrada drove in the two first inning runs with a double. Andruw drove one in in the third, but was thrown out trying to advance on the throw home. The Braves got only two hits after that, one of which was the most pathetic infield single ever by Mondesi.

What’s more, the Marlins won and so did the Natspos. The lead is 1 1/2. Smoltz will face Darrell May tonight on Turner South. With the off day on Thursday the Braves don’t have to make a decision or move on Thomson until Monday against the Mets; Smoltz could pick up Thomson’s next scheduled start.

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  1. Regardless of the numbers, I have no faith in any members of the bullpen. Time to stock up on the Rolaids.

  2. It looks as if Bernero could be in line for the starting spot if needed. I think Reitsma may be tiring also, but it is the 2nd game in a row where the Padres beat up a bullpen. Could be that they are a very good team. I wouldn’t declare him dead unless it happens once or twice more.

  3. I hope Thomson’s injury was one of those things that looks bad but isn’t, because it sure sounds bad. It really couldn’t have happened at a worse time considering the Braves minor league pitching. Davies is still adjusting to AAA, and I don’t think the Braves would risk bringing him up unless he would pitch consistently. Seth Greisinger seems to be the best option out of Richmond. But, I wonder if the Braves might just do something crazy, like bring Chuck James up. It’s a situation where if it works out then it’s great. If it fails, well heck he was expected to fail and no harm will be done if he has to go back down.

  4. LaRoche said in the AJC that he heard the tendon snap from first base. That can’t be good. If it’s just one start, I presume they won’t make a move and will use Bernero. If it’s medium-term, maybe Seth Greisinger, who’s been Richmond’s top starter and has major league experience. If it’s the season, then Davies.

  5. According to AJC, Thomson has a “strained flexor.” I don’t know, it looked worse than that. If LaRoche heard a pop all the way at first base and Thomson couldn’t even bend his finger afterward, he may have snapped the tendon. Let’s hope I’m just a doomsayer.
    Lousy game. We can’t keep this up with only the middle of the order hitting. Furcal and Marcus are looking stupid at the plate.

  6. I like Davies, but I don’t think Davies is ready, yet. His K/BB is 1.8 and he’s given up 6 ding-dongs in only 41.33 innings (1.25 per 9). I’d hate to see what would happen in the big show at this point. Even if Thomson is out for the season, I’d like to see Seth get the call now. If Davies rights the ship over the next month, then I’ll be calling for him.

  7. Two things:

    1-Raffy is killing us at the top of the lineup, wonder at what point you look at trading him for a corner outfielder and finding out if Marte can play short…I say this only partially in jest.

    2-Mac, you can make the arguements about singles but I think it is time to give up on the brief romance with Ret*sma and start ripping him again. Just because he is loveable relative to Klobb doesn’t mean he is really loveable…

  8. Has anyone else noticed the offensive black hole that has been Pokey McSlowFoot/Johnny Estrada? Maybe it’s slipped notice b/c players like Furcal and Mondesi have been so freaking horrible at the plate, but Johnny has been hovering at or below .250 for the entire season. Besides that double last night, he hasn’t had much. Was last year a flash in the pan or is this just a 5-week slump?

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