Matt Childers?!?

Thomson goes on disabled list; reliever called up |

Why Matt Childers? Well, in 19 1/3 innings over 15 games, he has a 3.26 ERA and a .203 batting average allowed. He also has 24 strikeouts and six walks and no homers allowed. All pretty impressive. He pitched nine dreadful innings for the Brewers a few years ago and his career minor league numbers aren’t that good. It looks like the Braves will make another move in a few days whenever they need another starter, not put Bernero in the rotation.

Matt Childers Career Statistics

5 thoughts on “Matt Childers?!?

  1. Chipper is a very late scratch. No word on why from TV yet. Oh and Furcal finally gets on to lead off an inning and they strand him.

  2. Where did you see that it was Childers that was called up? I couldn’t find that in the article.

    Oh, and Chipper has an oblique strain.

  3. Went to the Richmond game last night and noticed I did not seem him during warm ups. Usually the two childers are talking to each other.

  4. I wonder if the Childers brothers are religious. They could do this gig about “All God’s Childers.”

    Childers looked okay in the two TV games he pitched in spring training. Doesn’t seem to have outstanding stuff, but does throw strikes, which moves one way up in the Bobby/Leo universe.

    Kolb has to be moved out of his role before the bottom falls out for the team (I haven’t seen anything like this since Ron Davis fell apart for the Twins in the mid-1980s. I live in Minnesota and that was just about the ugliest baseball episode inside a clubhouse I have witnessed as a fan), but I am really puzzled by his performance this season. If you look at his minor league numbers, he had seasons in which he was very wild, which might make his last two seasons in Milwaukee a diversion.

    But watching him pitch, the only thing (besides his obvious control problem) he seems to need is another pitch. His fastball moves a lot. In fact, it moves so much it’s rarely in the strike zone. But he’s got nothing to keep anyone off balance. The hitter knows he’s getting something between 94 and 96 and so they can just pretty much lock in, knowing they can probably battle away on anything in the strike zone.

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