Like father, like son

I see that Chip can’t shut up about a pitcher working on a no-hitter any more than his father can. And it’s just the third inning.

10 thoughts on “Like father, like son”

  1. “I remember the days when Larsen use to play. That no-hitter he pitched was amazing!” Chip Cary, like he was there when it happened.

  2. During R. Johnson’s perfecto last year I screamed at him that he was working on a no-no and a perfecta from about 4 rows behind the D-backs dugout. There were several around me who got angry.

  3. Smoltz is trying to hang in with a bad back long enough to get credit for a possible win. I bet Will Carroll and the rest of the jagoff vultures at B Prospectus are just dying to rip on Cox for leaving him in.

  4. Gutsy outing by Smoltz. He couldn’t even stand up in the on deck circle. That man gets my vote for playing through what looked liked some major back pain.

    Good to see Giles hitting again even though it’s against a team that looks like it gave up 3 innings ago. There’s gonna be some screaming in the Astros clubhouse after tonight’s game. They definitely need the lollygaggin’ speech.

  5. Happily, I am listening to Skip on internet radio–but does anybody know why Smoltz has left the game? Having him leave after less than 50 pitches sure takes the lustre off the 5 run lead.

  6. Seven different Braves have at least one RBI. that’s impressive.

    I am concerned that the Astros are going to hit at least one batter before the night is over. It’ll probably be Chipper for tagging up.

  7. Chip at the top of the 3rd:

    Smoltz has been perfect through three..

    And a hit past chipper to left field

    people get mad when you mention someones been perfect but it’s silly

    Frankly he’s right. Perfect games and no hitters happens o rarely that the superstition has started from people obviously mentioning them. Smoltz was pitching amazingly before those two hits.. hell even after them.

    AStros look fucking horrible though

  8. In the middle of the third I remarked, “I really hope Smoltz gives up a hit soon so he can leave after five.”

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