ATLANTA 8, NY METS 4 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets

Mike Hampton wasn’t nearly as sharp as he’s been, but it didn’t matter much as the Braves pummelled Tom Glavine for 12 hits, three walks, and seven runs, chasing him in the fifth when Eddie Perez and Wilson Betemit homered back-to-back to break open the game at 7-3. It was Perez’s first homer of the season, but Betemit’s first of his career. Betemit’s first extra-base hit came earlier in the game, with a fourth-inning double; he later scored on Furcal’s single.

Andruw seemingly broke out of his slump with a 3-5 day, missing the cycle by the triple. He hit a solo homer in the seventh to end the Braves’ scoring and scored three runs. Giles also had a couple of hits; the only Braves starter not to get a hit was Franco, who went 0-5. All this without Chipper.

Hampton can’t allow homers any more than Ramirez; like Horacio, he gives up too many baserunners to get away with it. But the Mets’ only runs off of him came via the longball; one in the second and a two-run homer in the fourth. Both were by lefties (Doug M. and Cliff Floyd) and Hampton really can’t be letting lefties hit him like that. Other than that, he was pretty successful, getting five strikeouts and walking only two.

Jorge Sosa certainly quieted the closer talk with a Kolblike performance, walking two then loading the bases with a single while not recording an out; Reitsma came in and put out the fire with only one runner scoring. Bernero gave up a hit in the ninth but nothing else.

The Braves’ reward is a day off! Unfortunately, that’s followed by three in St. Louis, which is usually a pretty tough trip. As LatNam points out, the games are in Atlanta. Three at home, three on the road, then back home. Stupid scheduler. All games on TBS, led off with the Oakland Reunion Game Friday between Hudson and Mulder… The Braves are percentage points back of the Marlins for first.

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  1. Not to nitpick Mac, but I believe the 3 games against St. Louis are at home, not on the road. Meanwhile the Braves have won 6 of their last 7, not too shabby (2 of the last 3 without Chipper even).

  2. Friday Night’s game will be one to see. Wonder who gets the inside handshake pitch first.

  3. Apparently they are going to have a batting contest going to eb at the game..going to be fun!

  4. Glavine is the best cure to Andruw’s slump. Andruw always hit well against Glavine and he did it again today!

  5. This is off subject, but is anyone else enjoying Chip Caray? I think he is making the rest of the guys sound old and tired.

  6. He is getting better. I think when he was on the Tv then Radio with his dad over the weekend, he seemed more relaxed and didn’t tell old baseball stories from the 50’s like he lived them.

  7. Raise your hand if you thought before this season that Reitsma would be the Braves’ best reliever at this point.

    How about Bernero as second-best?

    As far as Chip Caray goes, he’s not as annoying as I thought he would be (maybe I just hate the Cubs that much), but he still screams a little too often for me … makes me think I’m watching NFL Primetime or something. I’ll take the understated, yet infinitely informative Pete Van Wieren over any Carey any day.

  8. I am not a Chip Caray fan. He gets too excited over routine plays. I like the slow gentle pace of baseball gradually building through a game and over a summer and don’t need to feel force-fed highlight plays every inning.

  9. I haven’t been too crazy about Chip either. Not anything I can exactly put my finger on – I just enjoy the other guys more.
    I second Creg’s comments about Reitsma. Last season (and the whole offseason), saying something nice about Reitsma would get the lynch mob after you – and now, some people seem about ready to put him up for sainthood (yes, I exaggerate). If Reitsma starts to struggle, how many games would it be until the asterisks return (this after all the nice things said about him this week, and that after all the harsh things said last year/offseason). We all want just want somebody to do the job. Sure, it would be nice to have someone as nearly automatic as Smoltz was.
    My point is that sometimes we get too riled up when a certain guy is doing well when another guy is struggling. I’m not saying that ‘Bobby is always right’ or that he has some monopoly on baseball knowledge. I just think that while Bobby definitely has blind spots, we as fans are too quick to call for heads. I mean, I’ve been as frustrated as anybody seeing Kolb struggle this year. Thing is, though, we don’t know how things will shake out – that is, will he re-gain utility putting him in middle relief/low-leverage situations? will he continue to implode? will the Braves find someone else who can consistently close games out? Fact is, we don’t know, and right now a lot of the stuff being said is based on the emotion of ‘Kolb blew it’…

  10. Nate, KolBB not being our only reason for losing is hardly the point. His performance could matter at the most crucial of moments this season and/or another in the near future. I don’t think there’s anyone on Mac’s forum who could trust this guy when it counts, at least for now.

  11. Off topic, but anyone else see Charles Thomas’ stats this year? I think he is hitting .040 at this time and made a crucial error in the field the other day.

    When I was at a spring game, i heard Braves fans complaining about trading this kid. He was a flash in the pan and JS was smart to flip him while he had some value. With that said, he is better than he has shown this year and I think could still be a productive 4th OF.

  12. Two things: 1. Not only is Charles Thomas off to a bad start, but so are Nick Green, Juan Cruz, Dan Meyer, JD Drew, Antonio Alfonseca, Russ Ortiz, Jaret Wright, Paul Byrd and Mark DeRosa (Anybody know about Capellan?). Let’s all remember we have the best GM in the game the next time Schuerholz makes what appears to be a bad move…

    2. …Like trading for Dan Kolb (Or whatever name you choose to call him). With Armando Benitez lost for what will likely be the whole season, do the Braves now throw a sympathetic arm around Brian Sabean’s shoulder and see if he’s destitute enough to take our closer? Hmmmm….

  13. What in the world would we take back from Sabean for Kolb? Its not like they have a spare outfielder under 40 lying around.

  14. There are a few nice pitching prospects in the Giants organization that the Braves could use, but Kolb’s trade value may never be lower than it is right now. I doubt anyone would take him on in the shape he’s in. Maybe the Cubs are sick enough of LaTroy Hawkins to do an even swap–they wanted Kolb last winter, and Hawkins has worn out his welcome in Chicago. Seems like a good “Change of scenery” deal.

  15. Do not know about salary implications, but the Kolb Hawkins swap sounds good to me. Hawkins throughs hard at least. I think the location problems from Kolb are from overthrowing, exactly what Leo preaches not to do. It will get him tossed quick if he does not stop it. That is why Leo hated Capellon, hard headed and would not listen.

  16. Real surprise is Dan Meyer
    1-2 ERA of 6.00, 11/9 K/BB ratio! that is most unlike him..The PCL is supposed to be a hitter’s league, but the peripherals are way off. Anyone knwo if he has an injury or something?

    Capellan had a lousy spring but eh is doing ok now..
    1-0 , 3.77, 10/3 K/BB but only 14.1 IP!!

    Wainwright is back and in full flow..
    2-1, 2.00 , 22/2!! we gonna regret that

  17. “Hey, Dusty! Kolb’s a veteran and he gets lots of ground balls! All we want is that Hawkins guy and a prospect. Call your GM!”

    Meyer had a poor spring, and the A’s might have worked over his mechanics or tried to teach him a new breaking pitch or something.

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