8 thoughts on “Johnson Watch”

  1. Which of our outfielders do you ditch? Mondi makes more money but he has more XBH thus far. As Jordan hit 3rd last night despite his 2 XBH in 60+ AB, it probably won’t be him. Sigh.

  2. Which OF do you ditch? None of the above. Its a shame we can’t sneak Betemit back through waivers (at least once Chipper is healthy). But since we can’t …

    Send John Foster back to AAA – the way the starting staff is going, there is zero need for a 12th pitcher.

  3. Johnson can play third base at least as well as Betemit, not that that’s such a high standard. And the Braves aren’t going to demote Foster and leave themselves leftiless. If anyone went down it would have to be Colon.

  4. I agree with Mac, the whole reason Foster is there is because of his left hand, not his overwhelming stuff.

    It’s hurting us now that we tried to retread two veterans. I thought it was a great move at first because neither Jordan or Mondesi is costing us that much money, but now it’s put us in the awkward position of deciding which struggling veteran to stay with, if either.

  5. The Capellan trade looks terrible…ha.

    Mondesi and Jordan aren’t making squat financially…since Schuerholz isn’t paying either very much, he can easily cut both and go ahead and take chances out there with Kelly Johnson, Billy McCarthy, Marte…anything but Mondesi & Jordan.

    Or…novel idea forming…we could actually TRADE for Aubrey Huff or Austin Kearns? I mean, why are we so desperate to hang onto 24 year old Kyle Davies if he gets killed in Spring & can’t even make our staff which is pretty darn well set? Either way…Jordan & Mondesi absolutely have to go and they should take Andruw, LaRoche & Estrada with them.

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