Braves vs. Nats 4/20/05

Andruw waaaay down in the Braves lineup again

Furcal, SS
Giles, 2B
Jones, 3B
Estrada, C
LaRoche, 1B
Jordan, LF
Jones, CF
Mondesi, RF
Ramirez, P

Wilkerson CF
Guzman, SS
Vidro, 2B
Guillen, RF
Castilla, 3B
Johnson, 1B
Davis, LF
Schneider, C
Day, P

16 thoughts on “Braves vs. Nats 4/20/05”

  1. As bad as Andruw’s numbers are, if you take out games against Zach Day and Tomo Okha (two pitchers he’s always killed) in the previous Nats series, Andruw is 8-for-50 with no homers, two RBI and three walks.

  2. So I guess we can’t hit Zach Day now. It’s not just staff aces and former Cy Youngs. Let’s hope this changes…

  3. Wow. This game is making me sick… Laroche leads off the 7th with a 4-pitch walk, Jordan then strikes out on ball 4 (or 5, actually), Andruw hits into the almost automatic double play.
    Combine this with all the bad luck we’ve endured today, and it equals extreme frustration.

  4. The Braves should get paid for making every opponent pitchers becoming a Cy Young candidate…

  5. This is almost pointless given the team-wide (except for Chipper) offensive woes, but does it bother anyone else that Cox keeps wasting Pete Orr as a pinch-runner for Estrada? Why not use Betemit? Orr at least could be used as a pinch-hitter.

  6. Well, they both became pitch-runners. You have to wonder who is playing first base if we indeed tied the game. As said before, Cox has been very un-Cox lately…

  7. I know that all the standard “it’s early in the season” and “small sample size” and whatever else apply – but this hitting slump is so maddening. It’s like they’re a high school team who has never seen major-league quality pitching before. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh… this too shall pass…

  8. Orr is the fastest guy on the team after Furcal. That’s why he pinch runs for Estrada. What an ugly loss. Your lead-off hitter gets 3 hits and you still score 0 runs. What’s up with that?

    It’s time for someone to pull a Crash Davis move. We need ourselves a natural disaster.

  9. Travis smith and Martin need to come back and let us practice on them.

    I just said Travis Smith. oh my gosh.

  10. I don’t think I’ve seen them slump this badly in the 14 years since this run started. To piggy-back on what Jonathan said above, all except for Chipper look completely and utterly lost at the plate. And Andruw, what the heck can you say about him? He might as well put on a blindfold and go up there like he’s trying to hit a pinata. I usually stick with these guys, but if this keeps up I am writing this season off early.

  11. Don’t say that. Slumps always make us crazy, sure. Last year’s team blew for a couple a months but we righted the ship. These hitters are perfectly capable of being productive, but this has been a bad road trip. We’ll never be excellent at hitting this year, but we’re going to start handling teams soon. Our pitching is still fantastic.

  12. $20 says Andrew doesn’t finish the season hitting .98. The first week of the season we hit ok, our bull pen was great, but our starters sucked. Our starters have bounced back, the pen is getting better, so next week we will start hitting. I would like to see Langerhans more. He can’t be worse than Jordan.

  13. They ARE getting paid to make every opponent’s pitcher a Cy Young candidate…no matter how inintentional it is.

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