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  1. I get talked to like crap in the forums because I said BC hates Langerhans… He only played Langerhans because he took Jordan out.

  2. You are mistaking a love of Jordan for hatred of Langerhans. If he really hated Ryan, he would have sent him down because he didn’t hit at all in spring training. Eventually either Jordan or Mondesi will hurt themselves and Langerhans will get his chance.

  3. Wow. That was draining. And a hell of a lot of fun — games like this were what made me a fan three decades ago.

  4. Agreed, great game, but man, it sure wore me out. I really wish we would start getting some runs. Heck, I’d be happy if AJ would get a dang hit when we need him to. But how bada** is Hudson? On another note Jared Wright now has an ERA of 10.05 for the Yanks.

  5. Still rocky for Kolb, but at least we won. A better outing, but he still needs to tighten up his stuff.

  6. Houston deserved to lose after pinch hitting for Ausmus (? I think that’s who it was) when Reitsma was pitching and the bases were loaded with no outs. He’s 7 for 12 career against Reitsma and they pinch hit for him, unbelievable. I was flabbergasted (though pleased).

  7. Man, I’m glad they won but that may have been one of the most frustrating games I’ve watched since last night, which was the most frustrating in recent memory. Two stellar pitching performances by starters and they get NDs. Situational hitting is nightmarish at best. Where’s the advil?

  8. pinch hitting for ausmus is nearly always a good idea. 7 out of 12 is too small a sample size to form a meaningful judgment about anything. for example, neifi perez hit at least that well in the cubs last series, but he’s still one of the worst hitters in MLB.

  9. Man, Hudson is good. With Smoltz, Hudson and Hampton pitching the way they are now, we would be a heck of a team if we’d score the occasional run.

  10. Nice move by Cox sticking with Kolb. Gotta throw him out there to see what he’s made off. It’s only April and if he can’t crack it now it’s better then finding out in October.

    Maybe he’ll settle down if we can give him a two run lead going into the ninth. Three runs in 31 innings is not going to make any closer or manager’s job easy.

  11. Cox really doesn’t have any other choice rather than sticking with Kolb. Cox is smart enough to realise not using Kolb will only lead to a confidence crisis, and there is no gaurantee that other relievers will do the job.

    Really, I don’t have a problem keeping Kolb as our closer, I just have a problem Cox using Kolb for more than one inning last night.

  12. Chirs pitched well tongiht getting out of that jam. Garner is not the smartest manager, remember how he let us stay in the NLDS last October? Hitting for Ausmus, that’w when I knew we were getting out of the inning.

  13. pinch hitting for ausmus is nearly always a good idea.

    Yeah…it worked out real well. Small sample size or not it’s a stupid move. 7 for 12 over the course of a season is nothing, but when talking about one hitter against one pitcher it is more significant.

  14. Ausmus is a horrible hitter (career .sub-700 OPS), plus he’s right-handed. Good move by Garner. I love to see the Braves face him. I don’t know why Pete and Don were so baffled. Even aside from the small sample-size stuff, which is true, it’s important to remember that both players faced each other when they were younger. Ausmus is now sliding into being even worse, and Reitsma has been improving.

  15. Also, even though Ausmus isn’t nearly as slow as some catchers, Vizcaino is surely faster. With a force at every base it helps to have some speed out of the box.

  16. Hudson rules. Great game, but where’s Andruw? He’s now 0-19 and begining to give “clean-up” a different connotation.

  17. Exciting game last night. Hudson purely dominated. Maybe next outing we’ll provide him some run support. I’m glad Reitsma got out of the jam also a strong performance by Sosa and Kolb finished one off(confidence booster). Can’t forget Mr. Langerhans performing in the clutch, maybe for once he’ll get a start tonight.

  18. Two consecutive nights of extra-inning baseball–can your heart stand it? Hats off to Hudson, Sosa, and Langerhans, who hit his first major league homerun in front of a hometown crowd.

    The Braves’ bats have struggled lately, but then they haven’t exactly been facing shabby pitching either. The bats will come around.

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