Nice call, Chip

I have to admit it, I don’t have a total lack of faith in Brian Jordan. Unlike Raul Mondesi. (I think we need a “We want Langerhans” chant.)

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  1. I have to say, I had a feeling when Jordan walked into the batter’s box that he’d hit a grand slam, then they showed that replay and I thought they jinxed him, but there it was.

    He’s not a too bad 8th place hitter.

    I’ll try to get a “Langerhans” chant going at the game tommorrow, I’ll be sitting in right field; if nothing else may it’ll make Mondesi try a little harder.

  2. I’m just the opposite: I think Jordan is clearly washed up, but Mondesi might have a good year or two left.

    (shrug). In Schuerholz We Trust.

  3. After what Leo has done with the likes of Darren Holmes, Chris Hammond and Antonio Alfonseca in the past, I always give trades for relievers the benefit of the doubt. Roman Colon looks to be pretty good as well.

  4. I know this isn’t a game chatter, but what a curious game. I’ll take the W, but Ramirez didn’t pitch that well, and the offense should have scored a few more runs, given the number of opportunities. Were either of the plays at the plate close? I am in Mexico City and “watched” the game on GameCast.

  5. I thought Ramirez was cruising right along till the 5th. And I think his coming at had a bit to do with Bobby trying to protect his arm still cause I don’t think he’d normally pull a guy that quickly.

    Sosa’s arm continues to impress. He’s definetly got a lot going for him, his success is going to ride on his ability to throw consistant strikes.

  6. Did you mean to say Chipper was obviously safe? There was no question on that one, he was in there. LaRoche was out.

  7. I’m new here, but I’m gonna disagree with you Mac, Chipper looked pretty darn safe. I thought the ump really blew that one. LaRoche was out, but not by much. Honestly, and no offense meant, but I’m not even sure how anyone could think Chipper was “way out.”

  8. Are you serious Mac?! Chipper was obviously safe. The ump got the call right on LaRoche’s play though.

  9. Hey, hey! I step out for beer and tacos this is what I come back to. I’ll turn this car around – I mean it! :)

  10. No problem Mac, just casual discussion. I think Chipper’s body hit Piazza’s shoulder before his feet touch the plate, but Piazza’s tag on Chipper was after Chipper’s feet touching the plate. That’s my personal observation!

  11. Just got back from the game tonight. My Dad’s new employer has sweet seats behind home plate and it sounds like I’ll get to quite a few games this year. (although probably none of “the good ones”) Don’t know about what the replay showed but Chipper looked out, in person, to me. I was saying to myself as he turned third, don’t do it, don’t do it. Same with LaRoche, but that one was even more obvious. Always surprising how different the game looks in person versus tv.

  12. It’s not a big deal, but Chipper was in easily, even the announcers said “clearly safe” and they don’t like to show up umpires unless it’s really obvious. The tag was placed on his left leg near the hip, which means his right leg was almost all the way across the plate by then. At first I thought LaRoche was safe too, but his foot didn’t make it to the plate upon second viewing.

  13. I hear ya. Like I said, that is just how it looked to me where I was sitting. That may have been because I didn’t want him to try for home in the first place. What do they call that, expectation disconnect? Cognitive dissonance? Whatever. They sure didn’t show a replay on the new Mitsubishi HD display, for some reason (probably because Chipper *was* safe).

    BTW, The screen looks great and huge, as promised, and the in-between-the-action crowd shots are even funnier this year, but it is nowhere near as cool as a paying a good player to get/keep them here.

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