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The commenter calling himself “Anonymous” has been banned. He may appeal if he wants to via email.

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  1. Was it his spelling acumen (or lack thereof) or overall general enmity that led to his banning?

  2. Mac, thanks for running a clean blog. If you can’t discuss the 12th man in the bullpen here, where can you? As the oldtimer here, I remember my outrage when Rod Gilbreath was left of the roster. One of your first post was on the merits of Damon Hollins. That’s what this is all about. Sadly, it it what I live for. Who got paid to come up with that?

  3. I’m very thankful for this forum. Living in the wilds of Indiana, a state that both begins and ends with a vowel, but has no major league baseball team, I love the conversations about the players struggling to stay with the team.
    My favorite was that kid catcher, I think his name was Matos, who kept getting called up but not playing when Javy Lopez’s knee was day-to-day.
    When the kid finally got to play, he homered in his first game, only to have it overuled and discounted by a protest!
    His next hit won the game. That’s real baseball!

  4. That guy was way off base and I feel Mac did the right thing. If he wants to voice his thoughts on subjects thats cool, but he really didn’t respect anyone else’s thoughts. Mac should let “Anonymous” back after he/she agrees to read Dale Carnegie’s “How to make friends and influence People,” book.

    However, I thought he did make a good point about Bernero making the team becuase of his 4+ years in the show. I think he probably made the team early in Spring Trainning and Booby and Leo cut him some slack on his last few outtings.

  5. However, I thought he did make a good point about Bernero making the team becuase of his 4+ years in the show. I think he probably made the team early in Spring Trainning and Booby and Leo cut him some slack on his last few outtings.

    I agree that this probably had more than a little to do with it. Unfortunately, as the 2004 group of Travis Smith, CJ Nitkowski, Will Cunnane, and Armando Almanza, show, this often produces questionable to incredibly poor results.

  6. I think bamadan nailed it as far as the reason for Bernero making the team instead of Hernandez or even Barry. A couple of great outings early in the spring, combined with previous major league experience (albeit not very good experience). I think Hernandez actually did the most to earn the spot however, based on his consistently good spring and good minor league numbers. Hopefully he’ll get an opportunity this year and make the most of it.

  7. Stealing my thunder is not cool.
    Also not cool: having the Braves season opener during work.

  8. I am sort of proud that now Braves were nailed in the Minor League drug failures. The Cubbies had 7, that is more than just a coincidence. Just dont ask me to prove it.

  9. I would like to thank Mac and all the regulars on this site. I have been a daily reader since I discovered it about four months ago.
    It took a long time to work up the courage to post as you are all very knowlegable and quick to condemn ignorance, arrogance, self-indulgence, lack of logic, and, perhaps most importantly, rudeness. The
    result of these protocols is an informative, lively,
    and courteous exchange unlike any I have seen on the web or elsewhere. Thank You.

  10. Mac, thanks for doing that. I used to be a regular poster here (Mac, Bamadan and Colin probably remember me), but quit for a while for various reasons. I came back to find that it seemed this site had been over-run by spiteful 12-year-olds. Seems much better now. Carry on.

  11. I remember you, but I think I was lurking then… Actually, not a ton different from now. :)

    The minor league steroids list was all teams that have ST in Arizona. I’d wait on the Florida list to come out before feeling relieved.

  12. I didnt realize that was only AZ. I guess we just have to wait for the other shoe to drop.

    As a long time reader of this site and infrequent contributor, the best observation I can make about the degredation of posting quality has more to do with the internet as a whole then an indictment of Mac’s readers.

    Only 3 years ago, the only people who sought out this site were true Braves fans who were familiar with sabrmetrics. Now, people who play fantasy baseball and occasionally watch baseball are polluting most MLB related sights and care more about a player’s 5×5 projections than the player’s ability to help a team.

    Mac, you do a great job. Stay with your initial intent and dont let the masses guide you towards watered down commentary. I have read many of the writers on BP and you are as good as any of them. Keep up the good work.

    Mathew Flatow

  13. Colin;
    I’m in New Castle. Go east of Indy ’till you smell it; North towards Muncie ‘tll you step in it.
    That’s New Castle!

  14. Are we sure the minor league list is just for the Cactus League? If I’m not mistaken, St. Louis trains in Florida, and they had one guy on the list. If that’s the case, it makes for an interesting dichotomy, the large number of positives in Arizona vs. the small number in Florida. Does it represent an aberration, a difference in testing, or a difference in organizational cultures?

  15. This is quite a love-in. However, this site just keeps getting better, in large part due to the efforts of the proprietor. Great job, Mac. It’s nice to see that the Journal doesn’t devolve into the acrimonious shouting of 12-year-olds found at other team blogs. Maybe it’s because most of us grew up in the South? (Going out on a limb, but I’m a native Atlantan, and I suspect many other regulars hail from the good side of the Mason-Dixon line, too).

  16. Sorry for the double post, the first one didn’t pop up when i reloaded. But I wasn’t the anonymous guy, just in case you were wondering.

  17. I’m guessing the apparent groupings of minor league positives are similar to disease vectors or something. One guy gets it on one team and he passes along the stuff (or the dealer’s phone number) to his mates.

    If one were inclinced (law enforcement?) I bet you could sit down and draw up a matrix that shows connections between the positives from team to team such as a player who has been in a few organizations, offseason habits, common winter league teams, etc.

  18. Will Carroll says that there’s a separate list for Florida minor leaguers coming later this week, with 60-80 names. That would have to include some Braves.

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