21 thoughts on “Was Brian Jordan really a “fan favorite”?”

  1. Maybe Chipper could play first, but I have a hard team picturing LaRoche playing in the outfield. The easiest transition seems to be Marte to the outfield.

  2. I think LaRoche has played some outfield, but he’s dreadfully slow. It’s likely that Chipper will have to move to first and that LaRoche will be dealt.

  3. I always liked Brian Jordan, personally. I guess I’m a member of the horde.

    Certainly the short-term scenario is Marte to left when Jordan tanks (hey, I didn’t say I loved him). In the off-season they’ll have to make a decision about Laroche.

  4. Mac, you hit the old nail. A lot of players are listed as ‘fan favorites’ because they are approachable by the press. Does anyone thats been to a game recall him being gracious to the fans?

    To join in a little on the Marte thing. I’m thinking LF. Its easier to get one player to switch positions than 3. No science here just an attempt at common sense.

  5. It’s probably also worth mentioning that while people always automatically assume a switch to 1B is easy, it isn’t like Chipper is a lock to be a decent long term solution there. Ken Camminitti anyone? Ok, fine, Chipper isn’t doing crack, but the footwork, etc. is harder than it looks.

    Here’s a thought: if the Braves are struggling around the trading deadline do you trade Chipper? Sure, contract isn’t easy to unload, but I can envision a Jeter injury moving to A-Rod to short, the Yankees five back of the Red Sox, and the Boss going crazy.

  6. Craig, I guess everyone wants to switch Chipper to 1b because thats where old 3bs tend to end up. The list of precedents is endless.

    Chipper ain’t going to be traded.

  7. Let’s make a few things clear.
    1) Chipper will not be traded
    2) Laroche is the first basemen for years to come so Chipper must remain at third

    I guess that leaves left field for Marte but lets not jump to crazy conclusions about the infield.

  8. Thanks for the link, Mac.

    My thinking on LaRoche to the outfield is that it just seems to be the easiest solution to the logjam. If Chipper is a good enough fielder to play OF, he can handle first. And even if he’s not great, I think having Marte at third is enough of a defensive upgrade to make up for any loss at third. But, I think Chipper will actually be a good first baseman. One thing is for sure, if Marte become a semi-regular, there’s going to be some bad defense in the outfield from someone.

    One myth that surrounds LaRoche is that he is a good defender. I have never seen any stat that shows him to be good. In fact, all the ones I see show him to be not good. Now, defense is hard to measure, but when your consistently at the bottom…that’s not good.

    If I’m John Schuerholz, at the end of the day, I want Marte at third and Chipper at first. That eases Marte’s transition, keeps Marte’s value high, and keeps Chipper in the infield. LaRoche is the odd man out here. I’m not certain it will happen, especially if Marte shows he’s not ready, but I think it’s a bigger possibility than people have noticed. But then again, I did pick Marte to play his first game in left-field.

  9. I tend to agree that LaRoche won’t be traded any time soon. Management is very high on him. Just look at how quickly he was given a job as opposed to Giles.

    Marte would have to be pretty bad in left field not to be given every chance to stay out there. Remember, this is a team that let Ryan Klesko lumber around out there for a half-decade (I’ll grant Klesko’s not as bad an outfielder as his reputation would indicate).

    As far as Jordan being a fan favorite, he was, if by fan you mean “Terence Moore.”

  10. I’ve seen a number of folks suggesting that Dan Meyer was overhyped and will never amount to much (etc.), pointing to his send-down to the minors as evidence. Anybody think such post mortems are a little premature?

    On the other hand, you can be sure if the situation were reversed, and it was the A’s who had traded Meyer to the Braves & he was being sent down to Richmond at this point, all the Moneyball lemmings would be pointing to this as proof of what a freakin’ clairvoyant genius Billy B is.

    Color me conflicted.

  11. We can send LaRoach packing. I like him and he is a good hitter, but lets deal him while we can. I am sure some sucker team would give us a solid lefty for the pen and I think that Marte is going to be a better hitter anyways. Chipper is a good athlete and I am sure he can learn to play first if he can learn to play 3b,SS,OF. I know it is harder than it looks, but come on, it has to be easier than third.

  12. JC nice stuff over at Hardballtimes.

    You make some good points. LaRoche’s defensive rep is from anecdotal evidence. I have to say that I can see why because he does look smooth around the bag and does a pretty stretch but evidence is evidence. I’m not sure if the guy can play LF though. He is slower than a 3 legged turtle named Tres. At least Klesko and Chipper could run to the wall before they missed the ball. Ok just to contradict myself LF is the place where you put your big slow slugger.

    Marte LF in late May.

  13. You can’t trade LaRoche until Marte has some time in the majors. LaRoche seems to be settling in on the Braves team and shouldn’t be dealt because we think Marte is going to tear up the majors. I’m sure he will, but if he busts and we already traded LaRoche, we’ve made a big mistake.

  14. I think LaRoche in left field makes sense long term (and have thought so for a while). First, even if LaRoche is good defensively, it doesn’t matter as much at first, and he’s no better than average offensively. Also, if Marte is indeed a good defensive third-baseman, then he’s much more valuable there than as an outfielder. Finally, Chipper is headed to first base eventually (especially if his options vest) so we might as well start the transition as soon as Marte is ready.

    Bottom line, if we don’t move on of (Chipper/Marte/LaRoche) to the outfield, than the only way to fit Marte in the lineup is by replacing LaRoche or Chipper. However, if one of them moves to the outfield, then we replace one of Mondesi/Langerhans or Jordan/Langerhans. It’s far more likely that Marte will be more valuable on offense than one of the corner outfielders this season than one of the corner infielders. Thus, if we see him this season, I expect that it will somehow involve an outfielder losing their job.

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