All predictions guaranteed correct, for a given value of “correct” in that in some possible universe this will happen.

Florida (WC)
NY Mets

St. Louis

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

NY Yankees (WC)

Kansas City

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, Earth

NL Champion: Atlanta
AL Champion: Boston
World Champion: Atlanta

NL MVP: Albert Pujols
AL MVP: Manny Ramirez
NL CY: Tim Hudson
AL CY: Randy Johnson
NL ROY: Chris Burke
AL ROY: Dallas McPherson
NL MOY: Dusty Baker
AL MOY: Mike Sciocia

20 thoughts on “Predictions”

  1. I like yer thinkin’ here, but my gut tells me the FLA Fish may be snappin’ at our tails. Off topic, but the Bravos have just waived Gabe White, leaving Martin as the only lefty in the bullpen, and he doesn’t get lefties (or righties, for that matter) out particularly well. Trade or callup brewing?

  2. Must be. And I just posted about how Schuerholz might not address the bullpen.

    Baker wasn’t entirely tongue-in-cheek. Anytime one of his teams gets through the season without someone dying or the stadium burning down the media makes him a MOY favorite.

  3. I’m right with you Mac, though I think the indians and pads could both take their divisions just to make things interesting. BPro has a contest up (along with Hacking Mass) to predict the wins and post season for the year. Prizes are 500 bucks and an autographed Selig. The Nats sent Endy Chavez down today so I already need to tweak Hacking Mass.

  4. Mac, I wrote my predictions down for may wife the other day and my NL standings are exactly the same as yours.

    Your AL CY is wrong though. It will be Schilling and the Unit will fail to win 15 games. I make that prediction on the belief that Randy Johnson will not be able to handle the pressure of playing ball in NYC.

    Again, I predict fewer than 15 wins, trade demand rumors, or even retirement rumors from R.J. during the 2005 season.

  5. I think I recognized that introduction (“a given value of correct”) from a Pratchett book. “Pyramids,” maybe…

  6. I make that prediction on the belief that Randy Johnson will not be able to handle the pressure of playing ball in NYC.

    Again, I predict fewer than 15 wins, trade demand rumors, or even retirement rumors from R.J. during the 2005 season.

    A bold prediction for sure, but I find it highly unlikely. Johnson should be able to get 20 wins with the Yankees easy. Someone of his experience and talent is not going to crumble under the almighty New York media.

  7. I don’t think Burke’s gonna have a roster spot right away. Biggio is taking back 2B and the ‘Stros are using two other rookies in the OF. I’ll go with Garrett Adkins or somebody.

  8. A thought, not a prediction:


    Of course I want the Braves to win the Division,but maybe getting the Wild Card has its advantages. Of the last 10 WS, 6 WC teams have played and 4 of them have won. Perhaps (superstition, I know) these teams have an advantage. In the case of the Sox and the ’03 Marlins they had struggled, got hot and hit the post season running. Obviously this didn’t work for the Astros, but who knows? What is the difference in the dugout when your a WC winner as opposed to a Division winner? Are you more loose? Is the pressure off? Are you having more fun. Please forgive the unscientific nature of this comment, but Baseball is a mental game too. There are no stats for dispostion, team spirit, comaraderie.

  9. Mac;
    I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan and I compared your writing styles during your “I gonna jump off a bridge any day now” period last spring!
    I seem to be in the minority in my opinion of the Giants. We’ve talked on this site about organizations that seem to have a clue. I think they do. We’ll see.

  10. Asg might have something there. There could be something said for the mental aspect of the fact that the wild cards are usually sleepers, no one expects them to win, and, as the case of many of them, can sneak through the postseason before anyone really starts taking them seriously. I doubt that would work with the Braves though. People would still expect them to win even if they did only win wild card. Ya know, with the consecutive postseason appearances and such…

  11. I think it has more to do with the fact that the wildcard is usually up for grabs down to the last minute whereas divisions are usually decided several weeks before the end of the season. It’s hard to stay sharp when games aren’t as important.

  12. I don’t think psychology had anything to do with the Wild Card winners of the World Series in the past 10 years. 2002 Angels won with a total team effort, 2003 Marlins won with great pitching and hitting, and the 2004 Red Sox had one of the most ridiculous lineups ever. Not to mention the two Cy-Young winners. Maybe the 1997 Marlins could fit into that category, but I remember that team loading up on players for their run. Of course they all left, only to have the Marlins win another World Series before the Braves. Go figure…

  13. Mac,

    I’m certainly hoping you are right, but picking the Braves to win the World Series sounds like a lot of wistful thinking. They have a chance if everything goes right, but there is no way that, on paper, they are the best team, especially considering the outfield, the inconsistent defense, and the likely bullpen problems. Yes, the starting pitching should be a lot better, but I’m not sure it’s that much better than other teams who have more solid lineups.

  14. I think Mac’s pick of the Braves is quite reasonable. I only see three teams possibly winning the WS this year: Yanks, Red Sox, and the Braves. No other teams from last year’s playoffs really improved and the ones that didn’t make it didn’t improve enough. I think the White Sox will surprise some people this year, but it’s either Yanks or Red Sox in the AL. I have the Yanks and Braves in the World Series and I didn’t pick the Yanks to win it. I like your picks Mac.

  15. “and the 2004 Red Sox had one of the most ridiculous lineups ever”

    And the Cardinals didn’t? No question Boston’s pitching was better, but how can you say that psycology had nothing to do with thier win? Johnny Damon started the post season abysmally, and then completely turned around. Isn’t that a perfect example of the mental game?

  16. I like your picks too Mac. Though I think Washington may suprise people. I live in Philadelphia and many of my friends are Phillies fans. I think they are doomed. No team in the world makes me more grateful to be a Braves fan. I’ll bet they come in last and Wasington 3rd or 4th. Even the fans are only giving them until the All-Star break to prove themselves.

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