Cardinals 2, Braves 1

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Four more shutout innings for Horacio Ramirez, but Adam Bernero allowed his first two runs of the spring in the fifth inning. Single innings by Gryboski, Reitsma, Hernandez, and Barry, the latter striking out the side with one walk.

Mondesi’s double was the Braves’ lone extra-base hit. LaRoche was 2-3, as was Marcus. Langerhans and Jordan were both hitless again.

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  1. Langerhans is killing me – I really want him to do well. Hernandez and Barry may start the season in Richmond, but they are going to be the first called up when Gryboski gets hurt or Bernero flames out.

  2. Would be surprised if Buddy is sent down given the state of the pen! Moving to the good news, Mondesi pulled a hammy :)
    Langerhans can relax a bit now, and probably hit better !

  3. From the sound of it the hammy is not serious (expect him back in a week). But, injuries like that are very likely to come back. At the very least this may mean more breaks for Mondesi in rihgt, and thus more playing time for Langerhans.

  4. Are you familiar with the concept touted by the TBS crew that Bobby and JS like to look at 40 games to see what they’ve got?
    If so, can we hope to see Marte in uniform in late May?

  5. “Moving to the good news, Mondesi pulled a hammy :)”

    Yeah, I always celebrate when someone that’s hitting .269/.375/.538 so far in spring training hets hurt.

    I hate to burst a lot of bubbles, but a lot of people ’round here seem to believe that if Langerhans gets enough major league ABs that he’ll automatically do as well or better than he did in the minors. That seems a little optimistic. Mondesi might not be a star, but he should be good for about a season of what he’s done in ST so far and that’s not too bad.

  6. Mondesi might not be a star, but he should be good for about a season of what he’s done in ST so far and that’s not too bad.

    What he’s done in ST is reach at a .375 clip. His lifetime average is .332. What else he’s done in ST is slug .538. His lifetime average is .488.

    His last season with an OBA of .375 or better is … never. His best was .360 when he was 26; he’s now 34. His last season with a SLG of .538 or better was also when he was 26 in 1997.

    In the last 3 years, he has averaged a .250 BA, a .448 SLG, and .321 OBA. In the last year, he has quit two teams and been traded by the Yanks (for two middle relievers) because he wasn’t good enough to be a bench player for them.

    Langerhans probably won’t be a star. But in AAA over two years, he has a .294 BA, .509 SLG, and .380 OBA. Even if he drops a pretty usual 10% from AAA to MLB, he is still better right now than is Mondesi. He is 25 and on his way up; Mondesi 34 and on his way down.

    I root for the Braves to win; the best bet, from where I sit, to make that happen is increase playing time for Langerhans and decrease or eliminate it for Mondesi and / or Jordan.

  7. FWIW I think Mondi will likely be the second best hitting outfielder on the team at year end, but the person with the best shot at replacing him is probably Andy Marte. Hopefully, Langerhans will get plenty of playing time against tough righties in platoon-type situations. Certainly, I’m long Langerhans (heh) and short Mondi if you talk about going-forward performance, but we only care about Mondi’s performance this year.

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