5 thoughts on “Population density in the booth”

  1. I thought Gant did okay last year. He’s earnest, and has a good voice. Unlike Justice, he wouldn’t spend half the broadcast reminiscing about his own career, but he did rely on banalities a bit too often. That’s the thing about the recent ex-jocks in the booth — you’re witnessing the on-the-job training. Still, I’m glad he’s getting another shot.

    And yes, it does make me feel old…

  2. I really enjoy hearing recent players in the booth as a sidekick or guest, they can give a lot more insight on players that they’ve actually faced recently. Yeah Justice does have a tendency to lead into stories from his glory days, but I don’t mind stuff like that during the lulls. And I think Al Leiter is a great commentator.

  3. Last year’s Friday Night extra made me want to stay home weekends. Dave Winfield was the best Murph was a close second.

  4. I hate Dave Winfield. He always had the uncanny knack of showing up on the AL team that was gonna beat the Braves in the World Series during the nineties.

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