Atlanta 3, Los Angeles 2 – MLB – Recap – Dodgers at Braves

The excitement never ends, huh? The Braves scored two in the ninth to beat “A. Lopez”, which briefly I thought must be Albie but turns out to be Aquilino. The runs scored on a botched double-play turned error. The Braves totalled only six hits on the day, nobody with more than one. Jordan was 0-2, Langerhans 0-1 in a pinch-hitting role. Andruw and Mondesi both had hits.

As for the pitchers, the Dodgers got single runs off of someone named Childers, probably Matt, and off of someone named Almonte, probably Hector. Two innings, four strikeouts, two walks, and a hit off of Adam Bernero, whom I’m sort of keeping an eye on under the theory that there must be some reason he keeps getting chances and it’s sure not that he’s had any success. Thomson (two shutout innings, a walk, a hit, a strikeout) and Reitsma (one inning, a hit) were the only real pitchers in evidence. Braves fans booed JD Drew, which is unfair but not entirely unexpected.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta 3, Los Angeles 2”

  1. Four K’s, two innings. Perhaps that’s why they keep looking at him.

    Can anyone explain what Esix was doing bunting with two out and runners on 2nd and 3rd? I’m no expert, but it seemed strange to me.

    The reserve outfielders, including Esix, covered a lot of ground today.

    Gosh, it was good to have a game to watch, I knew the Dodgers would blow that last play.

  2. I like the Smoltz fluff article on ajc

    There does seem to be a lot of skepticism about Smoltz’s ability to flourish again as a starter at this late date, but we should also be entertaining the possibility that he has yet another amazing season in store for us.

    Both he and Leo seem very optimistic. “I’m looking for 220-230 innings”. By all accounts, the man is an incredible athlete; and he’s consistently shown when he’s healthy, he’s one of the best out there.

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