John Thomson

Gave the Braves just what was anticipated and hoped for — about 200 innings of above-average pitching. (Comparing to Maddux… Thomson 14-8, 3.72, 198 1/3 IP. Maddux 16-11, 4.02, 212 2/3. Pretty equal, considering the parks.) His ERA was a career low, but then he’s spent most of his career in Coors Field with a season in Arlington. Struck out 133, walked 52 — which is how it’s supposed to work, Mike and Horacio — allowed a little more than one hit an inning. A little homer-prone, but not Travis Smith or anything.

Thomson was a steal, in retrospect, as the Braves took advantage of a momentary downturn in the market. After an offseason when ordinary pitchers demanded, and got, three-year contracts worth $7 million a season, getting a solid starter for two years and less than $5 million is a big break. I’m guessing that with another season like the last he’ll get his pay, but probably not from the Braves.

Had thirteen hits to lead Braves’ pitchers; his .197 was second on the staff to Byrd but in more than twice the ABs. Also tied for the team lead in sac bunts with ten. Hampton was a better hitter because he hit two homers and drew three walks.

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  1. Two years ago, there was a big concern on this board and in braves nation in general about the team’s potential for the upcoming season. Not without reason; Castilla was coming off a season as the worst offensive regular in mlb. javy lopez looked to be completely washed up. chipper’s offense declined after his first year in left. injuries kept sheff from his best season. marcus giles was unproven. two of our top three starters had just departed for division rivals.

    But I had some particularly confident thoughts when i considered the entire team’s careers, and expressed as much on a post here. If everyone in the lineup lived up to a ‘career average’ or slightly above year, i thought the offense might be good enogh to overcome the pitching losses. and with 20-20 hindsight i can tell you now that team was amazing offensively.

    ok that was a long winded way of expressing my excitement about this pitching staff. if everyone in the rotation performs as we are hoping they will, this could be the best in the majors. at the least, we will be in every game.

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