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  1. A while back we decided that Jose Vidro was a decent comp for Giles. Vidro (whose fourth season was better than Giles’, but whose third season was not as good) jumped from $340K to $2.5M in his fifth season. Giles has now gone from $430K to $2.35M. Sounds about right.

    I would take Vidro-level production from Giles, but it’s possible he could be even a little better. I’m not counting on it, though, which leaves room for him to pleasantly surprise me…

  2. They should consult you, actually. I mean, who goes to arbitration with Kevin Gryboski? The only good thing is that if his arm falls off in spring training they can cut him and not be on the hook for the whole thing.

  3. Yeah, if anyone deserves newfound millions, Giles has really put in his hard work for it. Not that us normal-job people havent been working hard too…ah, forget it.

    But yeah, go Giles. Now, how many years left is he really ours? Is there any sense to thinking long-term contract soon, or do you have to go through this ‘doubling his salary ever year’ shit?

  4. Good deal for now. Too bad Vidro makes $9 million. Giles will probably want a deal like that soon, and that is a little too high for me.

  5. The way JS talks about Giles makes me think he plans on keeping him. We are under some heavy contracts now that we won’t be under forever.

  6. Not sure if you guys have seen this story. Somewhat interesting. However, until we are knocked from the top, we are still the favorites. I have a good feeling that JS will make one more signifigant move. Well, at least I hope so.


    PS How do you start/post a new subject on here??

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