15 thoughts on “Yeah, this is just what we need”

  1. Ah, Chipper’s just asking Mondesi to come to Atlanta, where he can live up to his full potential and bask in the glow of a low-risk FA contract signing. Nice to see Raul already has friends here.

  2. I sort of remember when that happened. Mondesi got all upset and threatening about being hit by a pitch, but in the context of the game situation (whatever it was) it was obviously unintentional. Chipper’s reaction was one of …ummm…well….rage…and on that day I began to wonder whether….ah, best not to go into it. Anyway, I’m sure they’ll be fast friends!!

  3. It’s official now. I don’t like him, but I do think he could put up good numbers. Maybe he’ll play long enough for Marte to adjust to the OF at AAA. Highest potential of anyone left out there.

  4. Yeah, I just saw that it was official. Gross. If he puts up his career seasonal then he is a decent stopgap. The Braves are gambling a lot that Francouer or Marte or both will be ready by 2006.
    c Estrada
    1b LaRoche/Franco
    2b Giles
    ss Furcal
    3b Cjones
    lf Langerhans/McCarthy
    cf Ajones
    rf (gag) Mondesi
    sp Hudson
    sp Smoltz
    sp Hampton
    sp Thompson
    sp Ramirez
    cl Kolb
    Does that look like a championship lineup?

    I knew that the Teixiera rumors were crap. I also figured that the Kearns ones were too but in my most secret desires really wanted it to happen.

  5. This move could turn out to be either genius or one of JS’s worst moves ever. It all depends how things play out. If Mondesi keeps his mental instabilities in check and has a season like some he’s had in the past this will have been a great move. If he flops and or goes crazy/causes distractions in the clubhouse, it could be a drain on the whole team.

  6. For some f’ed up reason, Im going to take the “glass is half full” philosophy here and say I think this will work out. Let’s give Bobby and JS some credit here. Since ’91 they really haven’t screwed us too bad. The last real crapper was Nick Esasky. Guys like B Gilkey, O Nixon, V Castilla, The Big Cat, even Sheffield came with a lot of question marks. They all seemed to work out the way we needed then to. So here’s to another brilliant move by our boys, and another NL East title. Now if we could only have a repeat of ’95!

  7. Nick Esasky…there’s a name I haven’t heard since I went through my baseball cards. Didn’t he have to stop playing because of deteriorating vision?

    Anyway…I’ll take Mondesi at that price. The Braves, like the Angels, won’t put up with any behaivor problems. I don’t think this move has the potential for “genius” or “worst-ever moves,” this is really just a cheap gamble. Mondesi won’t be super-productive and he won’t play horribly. Mondesi is coming in to basically keep the Braves outfield from collapsing from having all inexperiened players. Not that Marte, Francoeur, McCarthy, and Langerhans are all not ready, but having a veteran around prevents management from jeopardizing the confidence of the club’s younger talent. Mondesi won’t be an all-star, but he could have a valuable role with the club.

  8. Sort of right on Esasky. He’d always murdered the ball at Fulton County and was considered our answer at 1B before El Sid, but only a few weeks into his first season after being the “big splash” free agent signing he came down with a mysterious malady which was diagnosed as Vertigo. Ahh, the ways in which the late 80’s Braves could disintegrate are truly breathtaking.

  9. Well, the safety not that could stop this move from having too much risk is that we can always dump him and pull someone up if he goes nuts or just stinks.

  10. I believe the altercation depicted was the the last straw for Rocker. After cooler heads prevailed, Rocker started things up again. The veterans blasted him in the press, and he was gone a week later.

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