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Itís been a while since Iíve had to say this, but I think our friend Allard screwed the pooch this time. Pulled a stinker. Threw a bunch of cash into a giant sink-hole…

The problem is the money. Marrero stinks, and the Royals are going to pay him $3 million to stink.

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  1. Rob: It’s official: the Royals are paying $2.5 million — his $3 million salary, minus the $500K the Braves are sending along — for 200 plate appearances of Eli Marrero. And not, it couldn’t have been a lot worse.

    Hmmm, I’d never noticed that we sent cash too. JS had restructured Eli’s deal last year to save us that $500k in 2004 by adding hte extra year, but I guess he had to pay it up anyway.


  2. After reading Rob’s rant on Marrero, I was actually starting to feel for him. Of course, I just had to take a step back and say, “Haha! They’re paying $2.5 million for a fourth outfielder! No wonder they SUCK!” Poor Mr. Neyer…

  3. I know this doesn’t effect the Braves directly, but I thought I’d mention that Mark Mulder just got traded to the Cardinals. The way it does effect the Braves is that the NL just got a bit tougher, and the Braves, who were looking like the preseason favorites, are now knocked down a peg.
    It also makes me wonder if the Braves could’ve gotten Mulder for Cruz, Thomas, and Meyer. Mulder is under contract for two more years right? Hmm

  4. The question I wonder is who would you rather have, Mulder or Hudson? Mulder is left-handed, and like LatNam said, is signed for two more years, but Haren, Calero, and Daric Barton looks a lot better than Meyers, Calero and Thomas. I would say Meyers and Haren are about equal, Calero may have a little bit more upside than Cruz, and Barton definately has more potential than Thomas. So, it would have taken more to get him. Any thoughts?

  5. Hudson’s a better pitcher, or at least has been a better pitcher each of the last four years so you have to assume that will continue. But the contract situation means that Mulder’s rights are more valuable.

  6. But the contract situation means that Mulder’s rights are more valuable.

    But there was definately something very wrong with Mulder down the stretch last year, even more so than Hudson. For the Cardinal’s sake, I hope their medical staff knows what they are getting.

    And Neyer’s high. Marrero won’t be in any All-Star games, but he’s quite useful to have around and it’s not Rob’s money being spent. I wish I understood why we gave him away.

  7. LatNam, that trade sure does affect Atlanta. Picking up Mulder was a response by St. Louis to Atlanta’s big trade. St. Louis was already looking for an ace, Hudson first in fact. However, St. Louis now keeps pace with Atlanta by having a superb offense and almost as good of a pitching staff.

  8. I’m pretty sure that the Cards have a team option on Mulder for the year after next, which is what the A’s have for Zito.

    I’m not sure I agree that Mulder’s contract makes him more valuable. There’s certainly a good argument to that end, but I just don’t think Mulder is the pitcher that Hudson is. If Mulder duplicates his 4.00+ ’04 ERA the next two years while Hudson posts his 3.30 ’04 ERA for just one year, well, it seems to me that the Braves will have gotten the ace, and the Cards a good no. 2 starter. I’m not sure which is more valuable, but I don’t want to say presumptively that it’s the good no. 2 starter.

  9. I am suspect about Mulder also. His arm could just be tired, or he’s about to tear something.

    The Cardinals pitching got exposed for what it was in the World Series. They lost a good shortstop, and had three guys have great years against a weaker-than-expected Central Division. They were 8-10 against the Astros, 11-8 against the Cubs, and only 9-8 against the Brewers. All of those teams should make up ground against St. Louis this year.

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