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I saw someone post that on the message board but I didn’t believe it. He was right. Eli Marrero has been traded to the Royals for someone named “Jorge Vazquez”, a minor-league closer. The Braves also got some cash. Unless it’s a straight salary dump, I don’t get this one, though maybe I will when I can find out more about Vazquez. (Brad?) As it stands now, the Braves’ projected starting outfield has Ryan Langerhans in left and Billy McCarthy in right; other than Andruw, they and Kelly Johnson are the only outfielders on the 40-man. I assume that they’ve got at least one more deal (Sosa?) in the works.

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  1. As today is my birthday I’ve been spending it with my wife hanging out and just enjoying things. Half hour ago my brother-in-law calls me and asks “who’d you(he’s a Reds fan, poor guy) give up for Hudson?” I tell him I haven’t been near a computer all day and I didn’t know there was a deal, so I log on here and find out its true (and its a deal I can live with!) tell him who the Braves gave up, and then think how in some way this was a karmatic birthday present from JS.
    Anyway I start reading Primer and then go over to and see how in the main story there’s a throw-away line about trading Eli. Now I don’t know what to think. There’s gotta be something we don’t know about. As now we really need a bat and a half for the outfield. I mean maybe Marte can be out there but we need more than a maybe from Marte, right?
    I’d welcome Sosa in a heartbeat.

  2. a little 411 about vasquez…

    Maybe Leo Mazzone can get something out of Vasquez, but this is a salary dump. The 26-year-old Vasquez had a 4.68 ERA as a Double-A reliever in 2004 after finishing with sub-2.00 ERAs the previous two seasons. His average fastball and top-notch slider could make him an 11th or 12th pitcher.

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  4. in order for us to have a dominant rotation we need to quickly resign Travis Smith, put Langerhans in the outfield to start Resign all-star worthy Jesse Garcia. then our team will be complete with the rotation of Smith,Smoltz,Hudson,Thomson,Hampton that will be a world series calibur team and i hope thats what happens

  5. i think one of Travis Smiths’ homeruns landed in my backyard the day Cameron hit a bomb off of him in Shea……. and i was just kidding about all that jesse garcia is a padre and travis smith is just plain sorry white garbage

  6. I’m really surprised to see the Braves dump Marerro for salary. He just wasn’t getting paid that much — like $2mil, right? — and unless they have something in the works (like a salary dump of Sammy), then they’re going to have a hard time filling that whole in RF for less than $2mil. Just strikes me as odd, and makes me awfully confident that JS is up to something.

    So, what a great team anyway! Hudson and Smoltz and beat ’em to a pulp. Who’s in our bullpen right now? Reitsma, Kolb, anyone else?

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