Karl Ravech, clown

Where was this guy the last four days? I’m watching Sportscenter, and he’s talking about how the Braves getting Hudson was a “surprise” and how “nobody had talked about the Braves” dealing for him. Huh?

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  1. It’s sad really. I know this was Sportscenter, but Ravech is one of the main BBTN guys. Remember when BBTN was entertaining and informative? Now they spend the entire show showing you one, if any, highlight from every game, which is almost guaranteed to be a homerun, no matter what event changed the course of the game. In between they might throw in how it’s a good idea to have Barry Bonds on my fantasy team, you know, ’cause he’s good.

  2. Did you see on the BP main page the numbers for bottom 5 NL 1Bs? Hessman was ‘up’ there at #2 – w/ -8.1 VORP and .104 EQA. I knew he was really bad last year, but YOWZAS!

  3. Just went to atlantabraves.com to listen to the Schuerholz teleconference. Nothing that hasn’t been already covered here but a couple of things that I noted. Please forgive me if someone has already reporte these.
    When asked about Chipper back to the outfield Schuerholz immediatly discounted that no further discussion. When asked about Furcal moving to the outfield again JS said no further elaborating but again saying that it is not the plan. Marte, looks like he is going to AAA, interpreting what Schuerholz said is that while the guy can hit he hasn’t played a day of his life in the outfield and that won’t happen this season in the majors. Francouer will be given an opportunity to win a spot in spring training. Talks with the Cubs are just talk. He didn’t rule out trading any of the rotation but said that the present 5 is what he wanted to start the season with. So no Hampton dumping. He is satisfied with who is on the roster for the bullpen. I think that means he’ll go to arb with Reitsma and probably have a long look at some of our minor leaguers to fill out the pitching staff.
    He did mention that the non-tender date was coming up and that he’d wait right up to spring training if need be to fill the outfield void. After non tender period there should be more hitters available.
    Finally he did mention that the Marrero deal was to save the 3 mil (or is it 2.5) they owed him this year to gain some financial flexibility.
    Raoul Duke should be happy. Schuerholz mentioned over and over again the overarching importance of dominant pitching and the success the Braves have had in past years with it.
    Nice article from John Donovan on cnnsi about how Schuerholz is so good at what he does.

  4. Anybody think the Braves will finally give Buddy Hernandez a shot in the pen? Assuming we go with 7 guys out there again, we’re looking at at least 1 spot to fill even if we keep Reitsma and put Jorge Vasquez out there. i think Buddy has earned at least a long look in spring training.

  5. I believe I am the one who has been preaching about a dominating pitching staff. I actually mentioned Hudson as the one the Braves should get back in Nov. when it was rumored one of the big three might be traded. I knew he had ties to the area and has been the most consistent of the thre over the past few years.

    That’s okay though. What matters is the Braves have a staff that everyone says is the best in the NL, if not the majors. Gammons sounds like Meg Ryan from the coffee shop scene in When Harry met Sally when he talks about the moves the Braves made.

  6. bwarrend

    You may have credit for being a pitcher preacher.

    You may also have credit for quote of ’04 HotStove year;

    “Gammons sounds like Meg Ryan from the coffee shop scene in When Harry met Sally when he talks about the moves the Braves made.”

  7. Has anyone considered an Andy Marte for Austin Kearns trade? Austin Kearns can contribute immediately, but who has the better upside? If Chipper is at 3B and isn’t going anywhere, and Marte won’t move to the OF, trading him for a proven outfielder seems like a good idea.

  8. I think we have to give Marte a shot. There’s so far you can go with trading away prospects, and in one sense that’s what they’re for, but for all the hype this kid has been getting, he has to get at least a season in Atlanta to see what he can do. The early word is: a lot.

  9. I think they’re more likely to trade Chipper next year and give Marte the spot then to trade Marte. And I don’t think they have said that Marte won’t move to the OF. Just that he hasn’t played there before, so any such move would keep him in the minors for atleast another year.

  10. Rob, your proposition has some merit. Its essentially potential for potential at this point, but from everything I’ve read Marte is going to be one of those special hitters like Chipper without the gaudy batting average. As for Marte not moving to the outfield, I don’t know where you got he won’t move. I bet he starts at Richmond in LF.

  11. Well, I meant he won’t move to the outfield at the major league level. The reason for Kearns is that he can contribute now, which is kind of patient, but Marte having to learn OF in Richmond will take some time.

  12. JS has already confirmed that Marte will be competing for an OF position in 2006. So, this can put the whole debate into rest.

  13. Kearns is a good bit older and has shown some injury concerns. I’d have traded Capellan, but not much else. Does anyone know if Miguel Cabrera had any outfield experience in the minors before his midseason switch in 2003? He certainly did all right, and he was in right. I’d imagine Marte would be a leftfielder.

  14. If Marte does move to the outfield, I hope it’s only temporary. He has more value as a third baseman, because third basemen are less replaceable than corner outfielders, and fewer of them hit the way that Marte is projected to hit.

  15. Kearns has been so injury prone that the Reds have penned him as their opening day third-basemen. So, that wouldn’t help our outfield situation.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Yankees open ended budget?

    Sign Delgado to play 1B and Beltran to play RF. You could go with a rookie/unproven OF in LF and have no worries!

  16. I think the Braves could get a Horacio-for-Austin trade. I’m not endorsing it — Kearns K:BB ratio has been going the wrong way since his big first year — but I could see it happenning.

  17. They’re not putting him at third because of the injuries; it’s because they have too many outfielders and no one to play third. Even with the injury concerns I’d take a chance on a Horacio-Kearns trade. Horacio’s as much of a question mark with less upside. Of course, if Hudson doesn’t resign we’ll miss the arms.

  18. Appears to be a fire sale going on out in Oakland. Get a player of your choice tonight!

    ESPN.com news services

    The Oakland Athletics continued to wheel and deal Saturday, sending starting pitcher Mark Mulder to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitchers Danny Haren, Kiko Calero and catcher Daric Barton, ESPN’s Peter Gammons has learned.

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