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Braves trade for Tim Hudson |

Cruz, Thomas, Meyer. I hate to give up Cruz, but it’s hardly a surprise that the A’s would value him more than the Braves. I’m surprised that the A’s wanted Thomas. Meyer… He’s a great prospect, but that’s all he is. Most of the time, you’re better off trading these guys before everyone gets to see what’s wrong with them at the Major League level.

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  1. I think its a great deal, whether Hudson signs an extension or not. Bobby didn’t seem to trust Cruz, and TINSTAAPP and all. Thomas was a nice player, but seems to be more of a 4th outfield type.

    Of course, I would have given up Giles for Hudson, which is why I’m not GM.

  2. According to the official MLB site, we also traded Marrero for KC reliever Jorge Vasquez and cash . . . this has got to mean that Chipper or Marte is in LF next year, and we still need a RF. Is JS going to have to trade off more talent to fill that hole?

  3. Great trade for the Braves. It shows they still want to contend. This move more than counters what the Mets did. Division crown Number 14 is in the bank.

  4. I think I like it. Cox and Leo clearly didn’t have too much confidence in Cruz, and Thomas is highly overrated. Not bad.

  5. Aren’t we about out of money? Even if the Cubs take Hampton back and pay some of Sosa’s salary, could we afford him? Still, Hampton + ??? for Sosa, Farnsworth + cash would have to make next year’s team the favorites in the NL, wouldn’t it?

  6. By the way Mac, i’ve been reading your site for some time (although i haven’t posted much), and it’s times like these that I realize just how much I enjoy it. Thanks much.

  7. i believe this is a great deal for the braves. meyer may have a good future, but hudson is a given. if we sign him to an extension, i think he’ll end up bringing the cy young award back to atlanta. besides the fact we’ll win a cuople more division titles.

  8. Man, I LOVE BEING FROM ATLANTA. It’s really great to have a GM who never says never.

    I liked Cruz too, but this trade (1) didn’t cost either of our best hitting prospects, (2) didn’t cost both of our best pitching prospects, (3) sent a LF and a RP who still have a lot to prove. Cruz could do real well, but I was never convinced that he was a good fit for Atlanta. I also figured he’d be a chip in a trade. As for Thomas, he really came from nowhere last year — andwhen you’re looking at landing a Hudson, he’s not a deal-breaker. He’s not really somebody who has been around long enough for us to miss.

  9. I like getting Hudson, and on paper this is probably a great deal. Still, I really fell in love with Charles Thomas last year. He’s everything you want out of a ballplayer who may not have All-Star level talent. Damn…I was looking forward to rooting for him, even if he was a fourth outfielder.

    I also think Cruz was way undervalued last year. We should have used him a lot more.

    Oakland having acquired these guys gives them a special “glow” about them, doesn’t it? LOL…well, I’m glad to have Hudson.

    Now, RF must be filled, and that’s what scares me. I don’t really want to see Sosa or (heaven forbid) Juan Gone out there.

  10. Giles probably could, but why would you move him? To play Nick Green? Giles is a better fielder than Green, and Langerhans and McCarthy are better hitters.

    If the Braves can get Sosa without adding payroll (by the Cubs giving up lots and lots of cash or taking Hampton) I say go for it. I didn’t buy that Sosa was a saint two years ago, and I don’t buy that he’s a monster of ego today. And he can still hit. I’d prefer him in left in Turner Field, though.

  11. This trade makes Atlanta a legitimate championship contender. Hudson is a stud! He may not be in the elite group but he is a workhorse who knows how to win. But we did give up a lot to get him. For this to be considered a great trades for the Braves we have to secure Hudson on a long term deal. No excuses!!! You don’t let a pitcher like Hudson just walk away after a 1 year rental. And Schuerholz seems to be falling into this mantra. Trade top prospects for rentals. If we are to be the team we were in the 90’s (legit championship contenders) we have to secure Hudson as a first step.

  12. Considering we got Cruz for nothing and Thomas came from nowhere last year, we basically only gave up Meyers for Hudson. It’s a great trade, it will be even better if we can sign him an extension.

  13. The only thing that bothers me about the trade is that Cruz could be Pedro Martinez–it may be a stretch but he has truly electric stuff. But that’s a chance you have to take. But if Hudson doesn’t sign, I think they gave up too much for one year.

    Obviously, there has to be at least one more deal for the outfield. They are going to need to find at least one top notch defensive outfielder because there is no point building a pitching staff like this and then putting a lousy defense behind it. So I suspect Jacque Jones is more likely than Sosa, both because of salary and because Sosa covers about as much ground as I do. (Of course, if he went back to hitting 60 home runs and is not on steroids, I’d be willing to sacrifice some defense.)

  14. Unless you watch A’s games all the time – Atlanta Braves fans you probably have no idea how good Hudson really is – In the last three years he has 30 starts with no decision with an ERA of 2.84 – provided he is healthy Hudson is arguably the best there is

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