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Hudson, Millwood still on Braves’ radar |

First off, maybe the Braves are interested in Sammy Sosa, but why would they trade Andruw Jones to get him? Create a hole in center to fill the hole in right? You’d need Andruw to cover for Sosa’s defense anyway. I don’t buy it, and it sounds like wishful thinking in Chicago, where the Cubs can’t give Sosa away.

Second, it appears at least 50/50 that Kevin Millwood will return to Atlanta, probably on a one-year deal worth about $5 million. Given that he’d be returning so that Leo can fix him, if he’s still repairable, maybe Kevin should pay the Braves for service.

They might still try to get Hudson, but it seems that they aren’t going to trade Giles to do it. They might be trying to get into a three or four way deal using prospects sent to other teams to get him, but those are hard to do.

One possibility not to rule out is a problem-for-problem switch, with someone taking Mike Hampton off the Braves’ hands as part of a deal.

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  1. Hampton to the Cubs for Sosa? Do the Cubs have crap for brains? If Schuerholz could pull off dumping Hampton then we should nominate him for a Nobel prize of some sort.

    I think that for better or worse depending on your point of view Andruw will be with us for the duration of his contract.

    Where in the world did you hear the Soriano rumor? Thats just gross.

    To get Hudson, you don’t think that Schuerholz would think about trading Marte, Francouer or McCann do you?

  2. The Braves would probably have to send real players the Cubs’ way in that deal. But headache-for-headache would probably be the only way Hampton went anywhere.

    The Soriano rumor came out of a notes column somewhere, that the Braves were one of three teams interested if the Rangers decided to deal him.

    Here it is, ultimately out of Fort Worth:

    In trade talks, the Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Braves and New York Mets have asked about Soriano, but the Rangers haven’t heard anything that has piqued their interest.

    “I just don’t think we’re going to move that guy,” Hart said. “Soriano is not a guy we’re running around and trying to shop.”

  3. I think I predicted (or hoped, maybe) that we would get Millwood back at low cost. I think that sounds like a great idea, as a front-line rotation of Smoltz, Thomson, and Millwood looks pretty good on paper. The downside that I see is that assuming Horacio is healthy (which is not exactly a given) it will likely bump Dan Meyer out of the rotation and into a LOOGY or other middle-relief role. However, now that all the decent free agent outfielders we could actually afford have all been signed, we might as well use the budget towards improving the team, and Millwood will help.

    Do you all think Kevin is bitter at Boras for not signing one of those 3-year 30 million dollar contracts he claimed he was offered last year? Naww…

  4. You’re right about Millwood paying the Braves. A year with Leo would be a good investment for him.

    In all seriousness, if he accepts it will be a pretty good deal for Atlanta. We get a guy who we know is capable of terrific performance and bring him back to the coach and atmosphere where he had it. There’s is some risk, but it’s far less than what the risk for hampton was, and at half the cost.

  5. All of this complaining about getting Kolb for Capellan is a bit silly to me anyway. Kolb’s gotten results at the major league level for a couple of seasons. You can try to dismiss them if you’d like, but the fact is, he’s a proven reliever who did a good job as a closer in a hitter’s park last year.

    Capellan has done nothing at this level yet. He’s not a complete enough pitcher to start at the major league level, certainly, and even closing wouldn’t be a lock for him.

    I don’t see what trying to compare Cruz to Kolb does, either. One should be a starter, the other, a reliever. One pitched in mostly mop-up duty last year while the other was a closer.

    Kolb didn’t have a perfect year last year by any means. But he’s a proven major league reliever. I’ll go ahead and take one of those for a (currently) one-dimensional prospect.

  6. I would love to get rid of Hampton. Not that I don’t like him — I’m just aware that the money we pay him is money that keeps us from getting someone better.

    On the other hand, Andruw for Sosa would be silly. Sosa’s decline the last three years has been traumatic — his production last year looked eerily like the numbers he put up in 1996-1997, before his big break out. I think it’s clear he’s in decline, and once you figure he’s guaranteed an outrageous option year if he’s traded ($18 mil or something), there’s just no reason to trade Andruw for him.

    In fact, I’ll go on record as predicting that Andruw and Sosa have about the same OPS next year. Give or take .015 points.

    For the right trade, or if it meant the Braves could improve their team (not just dump salary), I wouldn’t mind seeing Andruw go. I still think a change of scenery might kick his butt into gear and lead to him breaking out. Nevertheless, I think he’s a good player and the Braves shouldn’t give him up unless they can get value in return.

  7. can someone answer for me when and what were Smoltz’s injuries over his career? I was under the impression that he’d only had one Tommy John surgery (1999), arthoscopic surgery (in 1994 or ’95, I think?) and the scar tissue removal after 2003. What injury am I missing?

  8. Count me in as another one in favor of Millwood’s return. I hated to see him go a couple of years ago. I have to think that putting on a Braves uniform and being with Leo again will put him back on the right track. (Not to mention the Braves always hit him hard when they played him. Is there any way to see his stats- the Braves games? It probably wouldn’t be much of an improvement, but it would be some.) And think of the sight of him pitching to Estrada. I’m always unsure of the definition of irony, but that sight would be ironic, unless its not; in which its certainly at least a little cool.
    Also, if we can get Hudson for not too much (too much being Giles, Marte, Francoer,) I’m in favor of that too (I mean, duh, right?).
    I’d also be in favor of the “it ain’t ever going to happen” Hampton for Sosa trade, if the Cubs picked up some $ or if Sosa renegotiated his price. He is declining but he’s a useful bat, again if we don’t have to give up someone like Andruw. So in conclusion. Yay Millwood, Yay* Hudson, Yay* Sosa!

    *Some restrictions do apply, your milage may very, professional driver on a closed course, not available in AL, HI, or PR, do not taunt happy-fun-ball.

  9. Is there any way to see his stats- the Braves games? It probably wouldn’t be much of an improvement, but it would be some.

    2003 ERA 4.01 WHIP 1.25
    2004 ERA 4.85 WHIP 1.46

    minus Braves games…

    2003 ERA 3.60 WHIP 1.175
    2004 ERA 4.35 WHIP 1.38

    The other interesting stat on Millwood is a .342 BA on balls in play last season, suggesting that he may have been a little unlucky. I think he’d be a decent bet to duplicate Wright’s 2003 season, but I’ve always been a Millwood apologist.

  10. .342 BA on balls in play last season

    Actually, I’m not sure this is right. Are HRs included when this stat is computed? If not, the average drops to .323 — still unusually high.

  11. Hey thanks Sansho1! That’s actually more of an improvement that I thought there would be. Of course the numbers have gone up with or without the Braves games. But its still fun to look at. Thanks! (of course I write this right after reading on that he hasn’t returned the Braves phone call today, but that’s life in the off-season. ;)

  12. John Schuerholz is a pure genious. The Tim Hudson deal was awesome. Tim is goin to excel greatly in atlanta. wait till leo mazzone gets with hudson, the braves will have an outstanding rotation in 2005. i believe smoltz and hudson will both be 20 game winners….. and hampton wont be too far behind….i think that the braves should try to sign a slugger like sammy sosa or someone of that caliber to play left or right… then give the other vacancy to the minor leaguers like francouer or marte….

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