6 thoughts on “He’s having a rough century”

  1. Maybe I’m just a mean guy, but getting caught driving drunk twice in 18 months, once with a prostitute — I’d like to see Neagle released. I mean, he has children for christsakes. What is he thinking?

  2. The Rockies may try to release him. But the organization that played Bobby Chouinard after he was arrested for assaulting his wife, holding a gun to her head and making her beg for her life in front of their child, probably has no grounds for claiming a moral affront at this.

  3. Anyone else wondering if a Giles for Hudson trade might be in the works? Schuerholz could use the Smoltz money to extend Hudson’s deal beyond next year. Of course, I don’t think Nick Green would be much good if he were in there every day, but it would be nice to have a real #1 in the rotation again.

  4. The problem is that every report has it as Giles for Zito. Hudson would be a much better trade; he’s a better pitcher, and with his southern connections makes more sense for the Braves. I don’t want to trade Marcus, and I’m quite certain that Green isn’t the answer.

    You hear all sorts of things, of course. “Marcus hates Andruw, so one of them has to go”, for instance. What I do know is that Beane wants to swap one of his starters (in addition to Redman, whom he’s already dealt) and that he’s always wanted Marcus.

    By any objective measure, the Braves would be more likely to deal Furcal, who makes more money, is closer to free agency, can play three positions so can fill any infield hole, and isn’t as good of a hitter. Plus there’s the whole booze thing. But there hasn’t been a squeak about that.

  5. JS recently said point blank that he wasn’t going to trade Furcal. And he rarely says anything so black and white, so it must be true…right?

    I don’t want Zito. And Hudson is probably out of the Braves’ price range, as he will demand a contract extension worth around $12 million per year. Save the money to try to sign Clement.

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