Glavine, Johnson

D-Backs likely to deal Johnson

Russ Ortiz gets to replace all the Hall of Famers. The Diamondbacks have reportedly made an offer to Ortiz, and are about to trade Randy Johnson. It appears less likely now that the D-Backs would look for a third team to enable a trade to the Yankees, preferring to take Javier Vazquez himself. You’ve probably seen reports that the Yankees have dropped out of the Johnson trade talks, but I’m guessing they’ll start up again.

I’d mentioned the possibility of the Braves trading for Reds’ outfielder Austin Kearns, because the Reds seem to like an outfield of Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey Jr., and Wily Mo Pena. However, the the Reds are working with Kearns as a third baseman and seem optimistic that this will work.

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