Placeholder entry, 11-1-2004

Nothing going on, except for free agent filings and Furcal getting sprung from the joint. Things should start cracking soon. But everything revolves around the Yankees, as usual, depending upon who they get rid of and who they try to get.

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  1. No matter who you are supporting, it is important to exercise your suffrage.

    I really don’t want the Braves to dump Andruw. As we have already put up with so many years of frustration, may as well put up with another three years to see if age maturaty will lead to any improvement.

    Reading all these articles about Smoltz returning to the rotation, it tells me that resigning Drew is a better priority than resigning Wright. I think the answer is obvious as there is really nobody out there who can replace JD besides Beltran (have to accept the fact that we can’t afford him).

    At the meantime, the market for the starting pitching is quite on the players’ favour. Besides the Cubs, Astros and the A’s, I can’t really think of another club who doesn’t need starting pitching. At the same time, there are fewer teams out there who need a closer. So, it makes perfect sense to move Smoltz back to the rotation next season. It is just a wild guess, but I think the Braves to sign Bob Wickman AND they will trade for Danny Knob of the Brewers as insurance.

    By the way, I hope the Braves will have enough money to sign Craig Councel. He can be the “Keith Lockhart” or the left-handed version of Julio off the bench.

  2. Ugh. I’d hate to see Counsell in a Braves uni. i put him up with some of the most classic ‘braves banes’ of the past.

    There’s plenty of better options out there.

    BTW, i see Eddie Guardado’s option was not picked up by the Mariners. Could a signing of him free up Smoltz for the rotation?

  3. You don’t want Kerry…he’s never won > 14 and I saw him at the DMV last month (I live in Chicago) signing up for a motorcycle license which means he’ll miss even more time now!

  4. Kerry Wood needs to be a closer. He will not be a good starting pitcher until he gets a off-speed pitch. And I am not sure he will do what it takes in the off season to be a starter.

  5. Jeter winning a gold glove is almost as classic as when Palmeiro won the first base gold glove after playing 20 some games in the field.

    Congrats to Estrada on the Silver Slugger.

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