Thanks for the response on the last few entries. I really think this is a collaborative process, and all of us know more than any of us. It’s a pleasure.

My next entry will be on the outfield, though I discussed some of this in comments and in the free agency entry. Of course, I’ll probably get it all wrong. Last year, Drew did come up as a possibility, but only because the Cardinals were rumored to non-tender him. Instead, we got a big trade that (it turned out) helped both teams immediately.

Normally, I’d do something on the infield, but it’s very likely that the Braves will start the year with the same infield they finished it — the first base platoon of LaRoche and Franco, Giles at second, Furcal at short, Chipper at third. I’d guess it’s 95 percent sure.

2 thoughts on “Notes”

  1. Rotoworld says…

    DeWayne Wise, lost on waivers to the Tigers
    Carlos Guzman, released
    Tim Drew and Travis Smith, outrighted to Richmond

    No real surprises here, other than maybe Wise – which is fine with me.

  2. I agree with Mac, the infield will stay the same. A lot of you are excited about bring up Marte, but I really want the Braves to keep him at Richmond for one more year instead of being another Andruw. His BB/K ratio isn’t all that great in the minors.

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