C. Biggio, LF
C. Beltran, CF
J. Bagwell, 1B
L. Berkman, RF
J. Kent, 2B
M. Ensberg, 3B
J. Vizcaino, SS
R. Chavez, C
R. Oswalt, P

R. Furcal, SS
J. Drew, RF
C. Jones, 3B
J. Estrada, C
A. Jones, CF
A. LaRoche, 1B
M. Giles, 2B
C. Thomas, LF
J. Wright, P

Huh. Marcus is in a slump, for certain, but that’s an unusual batting order.

I’m working tonight so will follow the game on the computer. Normally I would liveblog something like this, but every time I try that the Braves get slaughtered. I may comment if something odd happens.

3 thoughts on “Lineups”

  1. Andruw’s on the move again! At this rate he’ll be hitting leadoff by the middle of the Cardinals series.

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