Bobby Cox is trying to kill me!

Okay, Perez has to play, and I’ll grant you Marrero. But Green, after Marcus was 3-5 in the first game? And DeWayne Wise, ever? Mets already winning; lead likely to be seven after tonight; the Phillies, as predicted, have already rallied against the Reds and will likely be nine back. Are the Braves trying to go the way of the 1964 Phillies and the 1987 Blue Jays?

3 thoughts on “Bobby Cox is trying to kill me!”

  1. Well pitched game by Byrd tonight, I wanted to point out this snippet that was in the notes in the recap on

    “Braves LHP Mike Hampton has a torn meniscus in his left knee and will need surgery during the offseason. He’s expected to rejoin the team Tuesday, but whether he can pitch will depend on how he feels”

    Has anyone heard any more about Horactio Ramirez’s progress? It seemed like we were getting regular updates, but I haven’t heard anything in a while.
    If Hampton can’t come back, and Ramirez is still out, the Capellan era might have begun early in Atlanta.

  2. The Phillies lost, FWIW.

    As for Horacio, everything we’ve been hearing has been uniformly negative. I can’t see any reaosn to expect he’ll be back this season.

    The Hampton story is quite disturbing. As an aside to that, if Capellan gets to start in the postseason, anyone want to bet on Eddie getting to start those games? Bobby had him out there Sunday, presumably so that Capellan can feel secure throwing any pitch.

  3. Guys, I think even without Hampton and Ramirez, we still have Ortiz, Wright, Thomson and Byrd for the playoff. Yes, they are all righties, but the Marlins didn’t start a single lefty in last year’s playoff either, so it shouldn’t be a concern. Besides, I think Thomson and Byrd have been mightyly consistent during the past month. I have more confident in them than Hampton and Ramirez right now. As for Capellan, it would be a great experience for him to be a fifth starter.

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