8 thoughts on “This has been a really lousy week”

  1. Dumb!

    And can someone explain this to me:

    “She added that Furcal’s family hasn’t determined yet how to pay the bond.”

    The bond is $3,200. Do they mean whether they’ll pay w/ a check, cash, or credit card?

    Finally, does this get added to Furcal’s total error count for the season?


  2. So, is Furcal gonna be traded this off-season now?
    When it happened a couple of years ago, forgiveness came easy (and we all thought he was underage then); what will happen this time?

    I personally think this may shortened Furcals time in Atlanta. Which is a shame. He’s a good SS. :(

  3. This is starting to sound a bit more serious than just a simple DUI thanks to his previous arrest. Appears to be a violation of his probation. Now the “family” has to come up w/ $5000 to get his arse out of the Cobb Co. jail.

    And this was priceless:

    “The player told the officer he drank two beers that night and pleaded, “I play for the Braves. Can you give me a chance?” the arresting officer wrote in the report.”

    Um, maybe if the Braves hadn’t just played like utter crap and lost three out of four to the Philthies…

  4. Seems like the reason he still had probation this late after the last DUI was because an appeals process had delayed it. What was that all about?

  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. A buddy of mine got a dui in atlanta back in ’99 and his probabtion was only for 2 years. Furcal must have really pissed someone off.

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