Philadelphia 9 Atlanta 4 – MLB – Recap

I do not believe this. Ortiz had nothing and gave up four runs on three homers in only 2 1/3. But it looked like the Braves were going to maybe pull it out anyway, as Cruz got out of Ortiz’s bases-loaded jam in the third with a double play, and Chipper hit a three-run homer, and Charles Thomas got a solo homer when Jason Michaels somehow slapped a ball over the wall.

But then the offense went into hibernation mode again, getting only one hit (a double by Andruw) off the Phillie bullpen. Bobby decided to walk Abreu with a runner on second and two out in the seventh, and Thome hit a two-run double off of Colon. Then Reitsma, typically, allowed a homer to Burrell in the eighth, and Tim Drew stunk up the joint in the ninth to put it completely out of reach.

Luckily the Marlins finally lost. The Braves will host the Expos for three starting tomorrow. ESPN’s schedule says that the first and last games will be on TBS, the middle on Turner South. I can’t tell yet if Capellan will start Saturday or Sunday; I guess it depends on Hampton’s neck.

5 thoughts on “Philadelphia 9 Atlanta 4”

  1. When do you suppose Bobby will figure out not to pitch Reitsma against Philly? 9+ ERA against them, 2.7 against everyone else. Weird.

  2. Furcal charged with a DUI early this morning. I can’t get the details because I won’t bother with AJC registration. This is not good.

  3. ESPN link in the post above. Stupid Furcal. I wonder how the age revelations will affect his previous conviction…

    Bobby was certainly still managing the team, Tag. He just wasn’t in the dugout. No chance Corrales made that call on his own.

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