Two walks to start an inning? That’s the Roberto Hernandez we know and hate! Too bad the Phillies didn’t let him do any more damage.

5 thoughts on “Boom-Boom!”

  1. Sir, I believe you are blaming the wrong Jones. Any fool could see that those stranded runnners were definately Andruw’s fault, as are all stranded runners.

  2. Sir, I believe you are blaming the wrong Jones.

    You misread my post, which, I admit, was a bit misleading. I was mad when Chipper grounded into that DP, but that second sentence was about the team in general, not a particular player.

  3. Rob was being facetious. Andruw was pretty much the star of this game, driving in two and cutting down a runner at home with a great throw. I don’t know what’s causing Chipper to be so ineffective with the bases loaded this year. Maybe it’s beacuse the 100 RBI plateau is actually in reach that he’s trying to do too much. I’ve been critical of Andruw in the past (and complimentary at times too) but the more he proves my critism wrong, the better. The team as a whole needs to do better with the bases full. I was at the game today and there were two good bases loaded situations where the Braves came up with basically nothing. I guess a small swoon is to be expected, as good they have been lately. It’s good they get it out fo there systems now so it doesn’t dog them into the playoffs.

  4. My guess is they weren’t into the game mentally, and still beat the Phillies, who are out of every game mentally. I imagine a lot of them thought the rain would come before the game, but it didn’t. I watched the game on TBS (in Hi-Definition) and the Braves struck me as being like a cat with a wounded mouse; playing with it enough to get the mouse scared, bored enough to let the mouse think it just might get away, but in the end the mouse isn’t getting away because cats always win in the end (except in cartoons).

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