Montreal 4 Atlanta 3 (12 innings) – MLB – Recap

Blech. I like it when the Braves draw lots of walks — today, it was eleven, including four by JD Drew — but you have to have some hits to drive those guys in. That didn’t happen so much, as they were held to six, and didn’t get a single hit with runners in scoring position. (Their runs came on a solo homer by Drew, a walk, and a hit batsman.)

Meanwhile, John Thomson pitched well enough for six innings, but, of course, no run support. The Braves actually led 3-2 in the eighth, but Reitsma stunk up the joint, allowing three hits to let the Expos tie the game, and was lucky to get out with only that. Juan Cruz allowed a long double with one out in the twelfth to lose it.

With a win, the Braves could have moved their winning percentage to .600. They still lead the Marlins — who may never play again, at this rate — by 8 1/2. The Braves now host the Phillies for four starting tomorrow, assuming the hurricane keeps coming towards me instead of Atlanta. Tomorrow’s game is a day game for Labor Day, but is supposed to be on TBS, Hampton versus Milton.

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