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Andy points out that despite the gaudy numbers, most of the Braves’ hitters aren’t hitting that far over their heads — really, only the first basemen are. So it’s possible that the hot hitting, rather than just a streak, could carry into October.

Last year, of course, the Braves tore up the NL only to fall flat in the playoffs. One thing to remember is that as strong as last year’s lineup was it was basically one-dimensional and based around right-handed power hitting. Chipper was basically the only lefthanded power threat they had after Fick collapsed, and they weren’t loaded with guys who could get on base either. Against the Cubs’ righthanded power pitching, the Braves righthanded bats were silenced, Sheffield slumped, and the offense didn’t have enough else to score many runs. Marcus was the only regular who played well, as the Braves hit .215/.304/.301 in the division series. I don’t think that will happen this year, because though this offense isn’t as good, it’s more broad-based, at least as long as LaRoche and Estrada don’t go Fick on us.

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  1. Julio had a couple nice games in the LDS as well. I think he was 4-5 with a walk in Game Four, and 1-3 with another walk in Game Five.

  2. Except that Bobby waited too long to go to him, and possibly cost the Braves the series. Actually, probably cost the Braves the series, verging on almost certainly, what with Fick’s 0-11 performance. Which is kind of ironic, because the year before he started Julio in every game, even against righthanders, despite how well Matt Franco was playing, and that might have cost the Braves the series. Can’t win sometimes.

  3. Good point about us being more left handed this year, hadn’t really thought about that. Still, if Drew pulls a Sheffield on us, we’re not going anywhere. When J.D. isn’t hitting, this offense looks pretty ordinary.

  4. An ordinary offense I’d take; it would be an improvement over that putrid line from last year.

    And all I can say is that Sheffield had better freaking suck for NY in the postseason the way he sucked for us. Something around the big bat .100 BA/2 RBI he put up for us in 30 AB would be nice to see for them.

  5. I try not to look ahead but does Bobby continue to play the 1b and lf platoon in the playoffs or just go with the hot hands?

    Colin you are right about Sheffield. The only good thing about his dismal performance was that it sort of shut Terrence Moore of he AJC up a little.

  6. i wonder if anyone actually pay the ajc to read terrence moore. i was kind of relieved when they went to subscription so i wouldn’t accidentally read his column again.

  7. The last thing I remember reading from Terrence Moore was a column emploring the Braves’ “Designated Geniuses” to trade the farm for Ken Griffey, Jr.

    When are they ever going to wake up and listen that guy?

  8. Terrence Moore is busy talking about how Matt Schaub isn’t really any good depsite the fact he threw 3 TD passes against Cincinnati’s 1st string defense last week. He’s now really getting warm by saying Michael Vick ain’t all that, but will talk about him like he is the best thing to ever happen to the NFL if he has a good game against the possibly worst team in the NFL, the 49ers. He’ll be singing the praises of Donovan McNabb soon enough despite how pitiful he is in the postseason, and chiding the Braves and Falcons for not signing Deion Sanders.

    He should be relegated to writing obituaries for race horses.

  9. As a recent UVA grad, I wholeheartedly agree that Schaub isn’t as good as he looks now. He’s certainly come a long way since his first year at UVA, but to suggest that he start instead of Vick, as some Atlantans apparently are (according to my friend who listens to sports radio – I’m out of state now, so it’s all hearsay for me) is ridiculous, and smacks of racism. Of course, I’m just being hasty – people are eager to laud praises on small sample size performances all the time: see the comments on BravesBeat message boards comparing Roman Colon to Francisco Rodriguez after all of 3 major league innings. Still, there is no conceivable argument that says Schaub should start in place of Vick unless Mike has to use crutches to get onto the field.

  10. What he has going for him is that he knows the West Coast Offense, so he looks good because of that. I listen to sports radio down here, and the only thing I hear is people are glad there is a backup capable if Vick is not 100%. Doug Johnson was a nightmare. It was like having Albie Lopez as your staff ace.

    Please don’t bring race into the equation, it’s not appropriate nor appreciated.

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