Texans 12, Eagles 10

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Houston finished off a sweep of the Phillies, who have lost seven in a row. If the Mets win the nightcap of their doubleheader with the Rockies, they will pull into a third-place tie. Watch out fourth place, here comes Philadelphia!

4 thoughts on “Texans 12, Eagles 10”

  1. I have been incredibly indifferent about Larry Bowa being fired. I’ve always hated managers being scapegoats when a team isn’t successful, because there are just so many other factors contributing to a team’s demise other than the manager.

    But because managers seemingly are fired so easily, how does he still have a job? I know everyone but Ed Wade is puzzled by this, so I’m sure no one could answer it. Good God, they’ve lost 7 in a row, they’re a team that should have steam-rolled Atlanta and have already clinched this division, the players supposedly hate him, and their attendance is dropping. This is great for Braves fans, but, now that the Braves have pretty much won the division, enough is enough. Fire this dumb bastard so he can go work at Wendy’s; they can never get my orders right…

  2. We really should be preparing Larry a thank you card. He badly botched two games in which the Phils were ahead. Thanks Lar!

  3. And Roberto Hernandez was right in the middle of the seven run seventh inning that helped Philly blow a 7-2 lead. I guess Todd Jones needed a night off from blowing leads. It’s amazing that the Philly upper management is willing to just let this season get thrown away.

  4. The decisions by the GM this year have been almost as bad as the decisions made by Bowa. I know it’s tough finding good middle relief, but if they are going to give up some good prospects, they should get something better in return. Their choices for relief help this year have been nothing short of atrocious. This is two years in a row they have shot themselves in the foot (remember Mike “I’m an All-Star for the Pirates” Williams?).

    They deserve everything they are getting for bad personnel decisions and keeping a manager nobody really wants to play for. They could bring Sparky Anderson and prop him against the wall and do better. My guess is they are waiting for Mike Schmidt to finish one year of coaching A ball before making him the manager. Then they will bring Pete Rose back after he gets reinstated after Schmidt blows it. Last of all, Dallas Green will come in and be the GM/Manager when he’s 85.

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