6 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  1. Paciorek: “I really like that Khalil Greene. He really reminds me of a young Ozzie Smith.”


  2. Not to mention JUUUULLIIIIOOOO for getting the basehit off Hoffman to start things.

  3. That’ll wake you up!

    Holy cow!

    Play at the plate, Loretta gunned down, and the Braves win.

    The Braaaaaves win!

  4. J.D!!!! Marcus!!!! Eddie!!!!!

    Well, I think it was Marcus. It should have been, as he needed something to contribute to the win. I’m speaking of the 2-out double hit by his brother with Lorretta on first, who was thrown out trying to score. Wow.

  5. I’ll take credit for that win. My buddy, Ducksnorts Geoff, and I sat in his season tix seats. It looked bad, and I didn’t think there was any way Andruw had a chance off of Trevor. I was wrong. Nice to hear the bells silenced. Geoff wasn’t happy, but I’m having a hard time getting the smile off of my face.

    Was it just me or did J.D.’s bat look really, really slow tonight? Looked like he was behind on everything. But that play he made to save it: amazing. To barehand that ball and make the throw was nothing but clutch. Makes up for the hat trick.

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